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James T. Harris. We have a case that we're waiting to get a hearing on. It's going on. Right now. This is the joint election fraud case that Alex College and filed along with Sidney Powell, and we have Alex collagen in the center ring of the conservative circus. And I want to have you on to give us an update on your case. I heard a rumor Alex that the Democrats have been ejected from the case. Is that true? Was that all about Yes, Their motion intervene was Gina which to my knowledge has not happened anywhere else in the country because, of course, Marc Elias that the NCS National Council has been going around popping into these cases is trying to trying to threaten lawyers. But he made what big mistake which we pointed out to the court is the court told him That said it wanted a five page brief on He ignores the court and filed a 22 page brief, But I don't think the court like that they're in right, right and he just hit him. That is that is hilarious. But it's also good news. Was this also the case where we had the never Trumpers try to weigh in as well? No, no, This is not that one. I know it zone, many of them and I can't. I just can't keep these things separated. But that's why we were having you here that was college in the state of Texas is now suing They sued to overturn the election results. Does that have anything to do with your litigation? Yes. So the way that these things work is there like a snowball and you get you get them rolling, Right? And at first everybody started a zoo. You know, everybody thinks you're nuts. You start putting this evidence on the table. In the bigger players start looking at it, and I think that's what happened with the state of Texas. And now several other states have joined the fight and they go. This is real. Now we're gonna put the put the state's behind it. So now we're very, very happy that we have a case that Z going in front of the Supreme Court and hoping to get our case up there alongside it. You know what's what's amazing is what you just described. I mean, at first people like you're crazy. The media says You're crazy, but you had Rudy Giuliani and the crew just hammering on You had legislators step up here in Arizona. Next thing you know, there's more evidence coming out. There's more stuff coming out. The hearing that went on in Arizona here was very revealing, especially when he talks about some of the machines that were being used. And it just seems like we're now doing up to a critical mass toe, where even the mainstream media who have ignored things were not going to be able to turn away from the Texas case. And if your cases of going to the Supreme Court, they're not going to be able to turn away from key claims in that. Well, no and already, you know, I think the polling that has shown you know how about half almost half of Americans believe that this was not a free and fair election, and so regardless of the means mainstream media's attempts to suppress it. The American people already know they already know. And they're finding out even more. We have Alexander College and in the center ring of the conservative circus. He fell to join elections fraud case along with Sid the Pol. What Is going to happen next. I know we're waiting to hear from what goes on today. What happens if they if they don't kick it out? They want to go further. Well, if the court doesn't kick it out, and then it goes to an evidentiary hearing on Thursday, after which the court will make a decision on otherwise they might kick it out today and honestly, either is fine for us right because the name of the game speed we're trying to move up the ladder to the U. S. Supreme Court as quickly as possible. We would really like to win at the trial court level. But more than that we want a quick decisions that we can move on up a lot of people out there looking at the Texas suit you're saying, man, You know what, Constitutionally, That's the stronger one. But I don't want that to take any spotlight off of you, Alex Calledem and what you're calling the the cracking If your case gets up there, which one do you think has the stronger play? Well, I there are there are strength and weaknesses. Boat, right? The weakness in my perception of the Texas case is standing right, like does it does state suffer an injury when another state break Breaks. Itwas regarding election. You know, I think that that might be hard for Texas to show. On the other hand, they've got a direct path to the Supreme Court, right? And so it would be nice, you know, and I don't know that this is just happened to be nice to get some both hurt or both Consolidated so that the strength of each year before the court That was my next question the possibility if they both get there, that today's they be consolidated into one. Yeah. So? So that is that is not something I'm really, uh, authorized to discuss it. This boy. Okay? Okay. Okay. Alex E seem to I seem to ask question. Why stumble into areas that are still restricted. But that's okay. One is areas If you want to tell you what. Listen, thank you so much for coming on to giving us this update will keep an eye out and we will get you want to explain Next steps win. It is a necessary Does Alexander Collagen? Hey, filed that joint election with the city power. He says. However it goes. We're trying to fast track this to the Supreme Court, and I asked him, you know what about consolidating the two and that's when he went stone code can talk about that. Well, I'll tell you what. Both of these cases of what I'm here are very, very good one. Covers the constitutionality of other states not handling their business, and the impact is going to have on states that that do The other one is about the theft is about the fraud. Get them both up there right now. I think would be all that we need. But that's just that. No, no, it's not just wishful thinking. Things they're going to start happening fast. I'm going to give you an update on these two cases and how American people as Alexander colleges, said the American people they're starting to find out more and more every single day. What impact is that going to have on the perception of a free and fair election? Four. Our friends, the Democrats. That's coming up at 8 48 Tombstone Tactical, My favorite firearms store in the Valley, located right off the ice 17 at Metro Center between Dunlap and the Peoria..

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