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Like the offense is good enough they will have a hit or do you could count on to get the big hit the ortiz like grand slam the got in 2013 they are going to need chris sale to be randy johnson basically or a who's the pitcher for the stiff discu giants that was the dominant those a couple years the do for carolina the far boy trump who none outlets of the other guy the worries get outcomes or textural bumgarner yeah bumgarner the bad bump you're probably get any chris sale to go and one of those runs and if he gets sale healthy and rested and you space it out and you have a fivegame series against the astros and you get chris sale a game one and five you've got to win one of the other three no matter who you throw poorest you throw poor selo pomeranz and i guess he rod in some water games to through four you just need to win one i like to be the astros but cleveland's got three really good pitchers a long series doesn't necessarily make than any better the getting injured billard back they got encarnacion brought bradford will not let that go in eddie show use on that's a huge swing they've got the big stick either i think they're gonna get you this year so that what happens this fair we will keep the job probably i guess so be tough to be outraged they lose to the indians after twenty two straight wins what's feel like a magical season for them yes i i would keep farrell at that point he's done enough this year to keep him around i really liked the venture coach last year don't just lose daves let the rights is like way past my bedtime personal the diamondbacks manager she is it'll take me off the air right now lavelle tourlaville i like lobello i thought they should have promoted lavelle last year they didn't they kept farrell now these are seat as it these are seat is probably gonna be up for a job somewhere to maybe you'll get the tigers job i don't know but that's a lot of random red sox thoughts in general i you know they're in a pretty good spotty are based on what looked like chances for disaster i don't see the blowing this one.

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