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Of fun. It is a big NFL weekend. We've kind of diving into all the games. Obviously one of the bigger rivalry ones. Includes the ravens and the Steelers. No, one better we bring them on. Now. God as mill ravens color analyst SuperBowl champion as well joins me. Now. What's going on, man? How you been? I'm doing great. I think this week is you're right. It's going to be a huge one in many ways for the ravens why the kinda see if they're a contender pretender, you know, it's interesting you say that because if I tell you take away the last five quarters of the Baltimore Ravens. They are a foreign to team, and they have a double digit lead going into the fourth quarter against the saints. What changed? Drew Brees and Cam Newton to MVP caliber quarterbacks upper tier offenses guys that have been in big games before. And if you look at the games prior to them outside of Big Ben Rothlisberger over in Pittsburgh. You really saw some good quarterbacks not necessarily upper tier quarterbacks. Like the ones we saw those last five quarters. I mean, I guess we when you look at it. It does make a lot of sense. All right. So now you look at this ravens team you use the terminology pretender or contender. And you are as close to the team as anyone covering this team. So in your estimate, do they feel like one or the other? Well, they feel like a contender. And that's something that I'm hoping to see on display against Pittsburgh. But as Bill Parcells has famously said, you know, you are what your record says you are there five hundred team. They're not right now in position to say, hey, we are in upper tier team. Excuse me, when you're sitting middle of the pack when you say middle of the pack in the league teams passed you by and I think this is an important division game because you can't go one in three of the sufficient expect to put yourself in a position to win the AFC north. He has Qadri meal. Ray Vince color commentator SuperBowl champion joining me calling the shots. Zari NBC, sports radio and NBC sports radio dot com. What are we to make of Alex Collins? He he showed some signs last season, obviously has some fumbling issues. How do you gauge what he is? Yeah. I think he has shown an ability to be an explosive back guy action. Get you fifty yards at a at a time big chunk runs. The problem is we haven't seen it this year. I think going into even last week's game. It was only a thirteen yard fourteen yard run that was the longest run up the season, so far, and that's just not acceptable. And I think the the running game with Alex Collins has a featured back has been kind of stuck in neutral. They ranked twenty fourth it's you know, below average. It's it's not what we thought was going to happen. As far as him having a break out year. I know he's had some issues as far as his ankle. And all of that. But yeah, he's he's cost at the ball a little bit. And I think that that's been unfortunate. But then at the same time, you know, if you wanna stay in this game, you gotta do what you gotta do. And for running back. It's holding onto the football. So I think you know, right now, it's talent is a interesting position. Especially now the wake of the time Montgomery trade from Green Bay. What? Yeah. All right. So I want to get at the time Montgomery, then like what do you know about him and how he can fit into this? What what could his role be with Baltimore? Yeah. Sure. You know, I think part of what FOX more has been lacking over the last few seasons now outside of just the injuries that they kind of incurred. But I think part of the running game has been non existent and having that, you know, really do threat back since Ray rice has been here without that element. You've seen just an office. Not really do it needs to. And I think they're hoping that time Montgomery who we've seen him in Green Bay make some big plays. Not only, you know, getting the ball from a handle standpoint. But also run into the ball out of Axial and it's a passing game. And so I think he's a viable dole threat target. And that's something that the ravens are going to need. They need a spark. I mean, that's just the bottom line. They don't. Have that spark cadre? I've I've had people ask me this. And I I don't know the answer. Lamar jackson. He is obviously the the team decided to trade off and draft him in the first round. And he's been used kinda sparingly is that on purpose or like is. He just not ready like what what's the deal with Lamar. Yeah. Well, I think first and foremost they feel like they have their quarterback. And Joe flacco Joe was defiant when they talked about the quarterback controversy in the beginning of of training camp. He's like look all I know is I'm gonna be playing so well, and we're gonna be playing so well that it's it's going to be a non story whether five hundred they're not playing well, and it is a story. And so I think part of what we've seen with the Lamar Jackson packages down in the red zone. They've also had some other points in the field of play as far as his package and his playing. But overall, I think, you know, they're they're content with developing him. I think that you know, they still feel that the season is is right there for the taking. So with that said, I don't see them, you know, going out and trying to put Lamar in and taking out. Joe I think that they will try their best to give Joe is much opportunity to do his best. Can. And I think if in fact, you know, the season turns the other way, then that's what we'll probably see Lamar and Joe flacco if he is in fact bench, they're replacing the will be the last week of Joe. And that'd be a shame. I think Joe has been such a such a good thing for the ravens over his last whatever it is twelve years in the league codgy you will play with a bunch of teams NFL Vikings. You were part of the Packers dolphins. Saints ravens colts. When it comes to rivalries. Many people think this is the best one ravens and Steelers where do you sit with that? Yeah. What makes her rival is is it's the close games. It's winning football. Both teams have won their respective championships. With the head coaches both team has had their marquee players over the years, and it usually comes down to a player too. And I think this year, you know, it is where you could see. A change that is at what four to a one compare it to a five hundred four four ravens ball club. Pittsburgh would like nothing better than she just seal the fate of a Baltimore in Baltimore clearly from Pittsburgh standpoint. We love to kinda kick start their their second half their season by beating their archrival in Pittsburgh, it it makes a great theater Qadri s ravens a color commentator joins me. Now. Superbowl champion on Twitter. It is college. And then I S M A I L are calling the shots either as area NBC sports radio. Do you sometimes feel like maybe you were born in the wrong generation? And I say this, I'm half kidding. But I remember watching you play and your hands and your speed, but you will obviously a shorter wide receiver in comparison. And I feel like that's starting to become the trend in the NFL now like the Tyree kills of the world are dominating in the NFL. You know, what I I think the NFL it's cyclical I think that you see guys that look for size. And then you see guys at looked for speed you she got to look for possession. I think it's cyclical I think that you know, what I love about this league. Now, it's the fact that with the new rules as far as, you know, targeting hitting guys and all of that it makes for an uptempo game and it favors are ABC period. So if you have speed, you're not going to necessarily be jammed at the line of scrimmage, so you don't have to worry about the size per se, you know, as far as going over the middle. You're not, you know, having a a safety just largest body full flow at you and break in half. So you don't necessarily have that worry as far as the door. Receiver. So I think that you know, certain coaches are taking what they have as far as the college ranks and place it into offices where they can get smart players who can do the run pass option or spread. Look, you know, I think that that's what has made the influence over the game at the receiver position and more. So than just size and. I am six hundred one and I was considered a big receiver. See why? Then why why would I listen I, and I'm not trying to I hope that wasn't. You know, you are mad at. No, not at all. I always feel. Feel fast. I feel like you know, running down a football field for three was fast for me. And I think it was productive. All I think, you know. Yeah. That's six foot three plus. Kind of a receiver. Yeah. I get it. You know? The funchess off the world or the Kelvin Jones or whatever Julio Jones. Absolutely. But then I think you got the Antonio Brown's also who has ruled the roost as far as the upper tier guys are concerned. I thank you know, Odell Beckham, you know, is it's he's halfway between both and Antonio Brown. You know, I I think that if you can play is the bottom line, they're gonna find you. They're gonna want you on their team talent takes care of everything. Do you have a favorite receiver to watch in today's NFL? I think in my opinion Antonio Brown is is the most exciting receiver, and and just as far as overall tell him he can run it from the slot. It could go from the outside. He beats a one on one. He's been frequently double chain yet took still just catches. Yeah. I I love his game and his play in his style. He has Qadri Ismael once again joining me calling the shots. Keith. There is area. NBC sports radio NBC sports radio dot com. How much you getting the chance to pay attention to your Syracuse orange? They're looking good this year. Yeah. Eligible I think, of course favor is really got the guys, you know, looking like a top twenty five team. And and you know, now, it's it's a matter of you know, finishing off the year. I I always kinda hell judgment a little bit. Because you know, the bottom line is is that we've seen good. Syracuse teams kinda fall apart towards the end of the year. I think this year the fact that they are both great. I think that if they can continue to win and win the way they have. And you know, hopefully, this is a sign of the turnaround and and kind of look back at the late eighties early nineties run where you just went to a bowl game regularly. And and was able to produce wins. Dude. It's always great catching up proud of you for all the success. Keep it up, and I'm sure we'll talk again soon. Absolutely. Appreciate you have me on as always. There is Qadri. Smell ravens color commentator Super Bowl thirty five champion. Follow him on Twitter. Qadri ismael. I S M A I L more next call the shots key. They're very NBC sports.

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