Pokomo Ngo, Augmented Reality, Pokemon discussed on Tech News Today (MP3) - TNT 1810: A Post-Switch World


I don't think that it's going to be a part of the larger gaming lexicon i think the way that we thought when in initially blew up um and i think that but i do think that it's going to be similar to that really passionate like that in grass uh that ingress audience that they were able to have for really long time at the pokomo ngo's exactly in the same vein um but also at the same time any pokemon go is not no longer the end all be all of poke along games on mobile so that's another piece to this is that the pokemon company already has a an app of their own so there's something uh really unique in specific in funding exciting about pokemon go but i think that it is going to be known for its community an and the people who care about it a rather than it being sort of the defining moment that a are really became a mainstream gaining medium but you could argue against that um you know even though was a real augmented reality it may be brought up the idea of augmented reality the the potential to the average person absolutely i think that it was a a wonderful proof of concept you know i think that they have been able to create they were able to create something around a a around the lovable title people are really interested in who were you know crazy for and i think that it made a much larger overall splash than uh than the the game by pokemon company i'm i dunno have you uh do you know about a magic carpet jump at all no magic karp jump magic magic jump is a free to play video game that was a published by the pokemon company which is the actual company that owns uh that owes the pokemon a license in and they're like.

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