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Santa Barbara California city council now says any restaurant or bar that gets. Caught using plastic straws could be facing time. Behind bars I times warning second time they, catch you that's a fine not to exceed thousand dollars and it's hard to read this with, a straight face and up to six months in jail. And it's not going to go on your record two you have? A. Criminal, record now. For. For using or distributing straws yes oh my goodness absolutely we're not the. Only ones that thinks it's. Ridiculous instead of banning anything this? Is coming from texter why not find out what point the, straw is jumping out of the trash into. The ocean and maybe we'll start with a fixed there Also had someone else says my wife. And I are always picking up trash it's, not the plastics fault it's the people that the role of the plastic on the grounds fault. And someone else trying to figure out how the plastics. Draws our oceans they're coming from ships legally dumping their garbage out? From. The, restaurants who. Have. Their stuff dumped into landfills that second one sounds like the gun debate. Right what's not the gun. It's the person exactly yeah exactly? And that's true yeah hell about round rock can kill a, welcome aboard how are you Kelly good afternoon Hey kelly I'm Turn your strain are on. Here I. I hate the plastic I think I think. It should have never been invented it's. It's just not any good Anyone Especially how it ends up in our oceans than you and you're. Right it's not the. Plastic it's the, people but we can't take the. People Just to go after the plastic Why, why not just making, the plastic, and then you know I mean I don't know That was Mark suggestion if we're serious go, after the plastic manufacturers, yeah just go back. To prohibition, of the nineteen twenties with alcohol try it with plastic. See how, it works. I mean that may not be, putting people out of, work too, you know there's It, is but I just I just don't think there's any. Need for, plastic Drinking I like we had the one holler that suggests that if you have the. Option so if you win wherever you got your star phone cop and plastic, straw if you've gone yet and they had another option that was better for the environment, you you would choose that if that's the way you feel right And that's a great idea Melinda Exactly I can't take the credit that came, from one of the other. Listeners Yeah I mean you know maybe give us a choice you know It's a. Matter of. Conscious I mean. People just need to get a grip all. Right thanks very much one of the texters raised a point though this could be coming from ships crossing the, ocean or big barges that are hauling trash. Produced in other countries and it somehow ends up in? The oceans have they determined definitively that straws from you as restaurants are the ones? Ending up in the ocean, and causing the problems for marine life I'm going to say no that they. Don't have one hundred percent proof that that's where it's coming from I think they're just. Trying to do what what they feel is right for the environment and this is a way to to strike. Out just like they did with the plastic bags here. In Austin Jim is? On? I. Thirty five, at two, thirty five how are you. Today Jim Not just California exclusive I just recently went to Key West Florida and they're. Doing the same thing they're actually use the straws the. Guy say talk about? Yes After a short time at the. Whole drink they start dissolving. They're not work, while the, damn Doro Sarah shake I love Scott and they're saying because of the bottom feeders the sea lies like a platypus sea turtles and stingrays that, they found that. The worst of getting up straws Livestream so that's all raise some people cannot live without their chocolate shakes Yeah well that's interesting what's happening? Down there. In key west now. Did you do some fishing down there Jim I'm. Going back a dancer show which I did, for fishing I got me a seven? Foot Fail out of Mexico Don I'll I'll be going back down by big saltwater. Catch that sounds. Good Fantastic really key west as a beautiful. It is beautiful I. Haven't been there To. Go back yes absolutely Oh back? Is, it Comparable? To the? Caribbean islands is? It, is. It better The beaches are quite as fantastic but it's. Comparable far as all the luxuries of the United States but you feel like you're on top of the island has what, I was gonna say the beaches aren't quite as comparable but if you don't want to leave. The, United States. As, as, close as you. Can get okay sounds good, hey, Jim, thanks, very, much you take care. Five one two eight. Three six zero tax real quick that made? Me laugh absolutely People, now, meeting, under, the boardwalk in the. Back alleys buying plastic. Straws Well like you said or are they gonna do undercover cops go, into these restaurants I know the cartels in Mexico or just. Rubbing, their hands. Together over the idea of. Making, money of smuggling and plastic? Straws, oh my goodness, Tommy is at Fort Hood Tommy how's it going this afternoon Well it's going quite. Well, how about. You guys hey super Howard. Things, it the mighty Fort Hood Yes I would. Imagine so you want to weigh in on this issue of the plastic. Straws go. Ahead? Tommy I'm just trying to figure. Out what California's. Gonna do with all the straws that that they have now export them. To other. States They're having a problem. With, the straws. Fallen through the cracks on the scene so that's what I'm trying to figure out what. They're gonna do it now yeah good question just think of all. The. Millions that have already been produced and they're packaged hearing stores they're already out their backlog that these restaurants already have of them yes All right Tommy thanks you, have a good one how would you like to be in that business right now in the straw. Business, I think I would be trying to. Think of some, new ideas of how I can still, make my product? That baby is, it how to plastic this thing really, has taken off in just. A. Short amount of time now talking about putting people in jail for putting. A plastic. Straw in somebody's iced. Tea at a restaurant yeah that that's just how ridiculous this is I, think again it was okay. For Starbucks to say you know what as a company. We have chosen to? Take, this route and that's what we're gonna do I know other companies have started. To fall in with that as well that's perfect that was their decision but. When, you say. If you don't do what you're going to jail that's that's crossing the line I think. Definitely Richardso gain welcome to Marc and Melinda how are you today. Richard I'm doing good I wanna make. Real couple of real? Quick Guys making stalls out of whack Yes The. Western what's gonna happen to that? Restaurant, very Real. Things They want to, ban everything and that's the wrong. With America Florida With a, fan west Ninety nine out of whack sometimes Well I. Think she said banned plastic? Entirely is that what you mean. Richard Yes Don. I got I got on? There We. Know what you mean Yeah The reason why the world is so wait you out now from the? Worst A. Lot. Of people starting to think now I know Richard thank. You very much yeah plastic really is a key part of this modern society Oh yeah it's an a lot of things to different parts of your. Car two things you use every day like a straw to every kind of, things that I'm seeing a texture that brings up. A good point it says you can. Go to jail for use it in a plastic straw but, no qualms consequences for. Crossing. The border illegally just think about that for a second Uh-huh Yes. Yes will there be sanctuary cities for. Sure This sanctuary cities You're welcome Dave here later, part declares we're a sanctuary city for straw sting those extra straws out of California to. See them Restaurants are free to serve drinks, with, plastic, straws, in, cedar park goodness here. Are the numbers keep the texts coming and the calls at five one eight three six zero five ninety just. Ahead we will give you. An update on the city of Austin's efforts to eliminate the food. Deserts in east Boston they've, been working on it they've got a. Detailed report coming up just ahead on NewsRadio KLBJ.

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