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Kelly Bryant, Clemson, Trevor Lawrence discussed on The Solid Verbal: Living College Football


So I was struck by the immediacy of that and how ROY Lee decided to transfer way that being said, if you've looked at the numbers side by side of Trevor Lawrence's effectiveness as Clemson quarterback versus Kelly Bryant's effectiveness, it, it's obvious on paper, Dan, why you'd go Trevor Lawrence over Kelly Bryant, but still the immediacy of him leaving to me is what I think jumped out the most. Yeah, Kelly Bryant's been good. Kelly. Bryant was the reason Clemson, beep, Texas. Emily. He made those big plays down the stretch, and I thought dabble handle this as well as anybody could, especially in light of Nebraska losing what a sophomore quarterback redshirt freshman quarterback. Whoever lost the job. Adrian, Martinez took over that job as a true, freshman tristen Jeb. I don't know how the pronounce went to my high school. That's all I know. And so obviously Nebraska's quarterback room and they have many more problems than that is particularly thin after that. Last second move before the season started. So Daboh sees this brewing situation between Kelly Bryant. Trevor Lawrence, Lawrence coming in with all everything. The future of Clemson, if not football in general, and he starts Kelly Bryant to begin the season. He gives them plenty of rep seek. He counts on him in crunch time, and it's it's tough because you see the quotes from Kelly Bryant saying, you know, I did everything I was asked to. I never got in trouble. I was good teammate. I felt a good leader and all of that is true from what we know. And sometimes you get beat out sometime and times he beat out. And yeah, I mean, look would Trevor Lawrence was recruited by eventually committed to Clemson. This was already the scuttle, but like, yeah, we, we know this kid. Has a really high ceiling and Kelly Bryant could be perfectly serviceable. It's obvious that travel orange gives them more and so far the numbers would seemingly prove that out. So I wonder, I wonder what it would look like. If Kelly Bryant were awesome in a losing effort against Alabama last year and the playwright. I wonder what the perception of Bryant is. He plays well in the championship game. He, you know, he has the injury that eventually leads to poor play in a loss against Syracuse, ultimately not stopping them in the ACC or getting them selves to the playoff. But I wonder what the perception I has to be enormous. It took the best ever quarterback at Clemson to win the national championship. So the the bar is pretty high to get Clemson over that Alabama hump that does it for transfers. I wanna jump right into the picks. If you're cool, that shall we do it. Just get right jump. Let's get wet. Okay. The week, six of the week we got, we got numerous picks of the week here by voices cracking there are so don't forget if you haven't already to go to solid verbal dot com slash pick them again to a weekly, pick them pool. Now it's a little bit different. The countless is new this season compared to last in those before it. Get on in its week to week, you could win a weekly, pick them contest. You.

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Kelly Bryant, Clemson, Trevor Lawrence discussed on The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

The Solid Verbal: Living College Football 1 year ago

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