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Because why would you were they at Miami or some? Shit. Japan. Okay. Why would all both of them fly to Japan to do? That's what I'm saying. I don't think it's plan. I well, I shouldn't say that. I think. Why were they both in Japan? Do we know is it just for this music festival for music festival? Well, one thing about Floyd Mayweather and we should all know this and we should learn from this. If you don't everything that he does is calculated every single thing. So do you think it's a mistake that Floyd Mayweather on the biggest day of boxing with guys that one guy that he beat in canal? Do you think it's a coincidence that he announces that he's gonna fight Manny pack on the exact same day? No, that was planned to and you're right with that. I don't know if the location, all this was playing. I don't know why they're both in Japan. You might be right for with is such a great marketer. This probably was planned. Why do in Japan on the shitty video? I don't know, but one hundred percent. It was planned to make this announcement to the exact same day as canal just to steal some shine away. And then what we're all the markers on the bottom, all the markers on the bottom where Floyd announce his fight with Manny pack. Yeah. And you Bach tune, it's relevant. So there you go. So he was there to broaden his brand of PMT. All right, cool. Businesses, businessman, smart, dude. He's a businessman, you're, you're going to get that fight. Again. You didn't get that fighting. I don't think Floyd would just bullshit around with this. I think he wants to fight again. I don't think it's a money issue. He has more money than Scrooge mcduck. He's broaden his horizons stuff like that. You know, I think the Manny Pacquiao fight that I was a complete flop. Manny win that fight with one arm. And that's why people are soon them want their money back. I'll tell you right now. You can't charge one.

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