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Billingsley shares you could drive so good hi I'm George of ours flying the plane they did in Roger Murdock yes Roger Roger yeah that's a that's what was great about that in the Kareem documentary they actually show him in there getting dragged out with his Lakers gear on nope I'm Roger Murdock the copilot my dad says you're lazy nearly try the playoffs you tell you so you know they and they in the Kareem documentary minority of one I gotta see this fabulous it is good actually Karim was their second choice for that role they wanted Pete rose to variety yeah they said that in their heroes are ruined yeah the bar was great I like to do on ours we land this plane just a fix all right you forgot anything we'll get to it next week may or may not have time in the TKB coming up at the top of the arts club in London on your Monday Lee R. K. B. R. one of four five and six eighty these ports are listening to a pop and lined on both sides of the dial K. E. N. B. R. one O. four five FM six eighty eight yeah these sports Jennifer Tracy now from the Chilton auto body traffic that's Christian center divide but it doesn't all the semis round two oh five near macarthur with traffic backing up to the floor Tracy Boulevard in the Santa Cruz mountains are pretty beastly southbound seventeen jams up from that plan would cut off the vine hill where the left lane is blocked until three this afternoon northbound is blocked as well the traffic is only a little slow from Laura coming away from the Richmond San Rafael span it stay on five eighty don't take Sir Francis Drake because of a bad accident there traffic is backing up to five eighty so it's better to stay on it and then connect with one oh one out of San Francisco simple stretches to the bay bridge Hey.

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