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And cars or were swept away as they try to escape. The storm also spawn several tornadoes. The AP's Julie Walker, the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 terror attacks is only days away, and we've been asking Americans about government surveillance in the name of national security. And about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. AP Washington Correspondent Sagar Madani with what we've learned 46% are against the government reading emails between people outside the US without a warrant while 27% back it. Those numbers were roughly flipped a decade ago. Americans are now also more likely to oppose warrantless government eavesdropping on calls outside the US, the poll finds only about a third believe the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were worth fighting. Sagar Megane Washington Now to those Americans in Afghanistan who want to leave, Secretary of State Tony Blinken says there are about 100 of them. And he says the U. S. Is working with the Taliban to work out arrangements for more charter flights from Kabul. Investigators say We may never know why a former Marine allegedly killed four people he didn't even know in Florida. They say Brian Riley may have been mentally ill. He's being held without bond. This is a P news. Should they postpone an international climate summit because of the covid pandemic, environmental groups say Yes, Here's the A. P S. Charles de la Decima. The Climate Action Network, which includes more than 1500 organizations in 130 countries, says there's a risk that many government delegates, civil society campaigners and journalists from developing countries may be unable to attend because of travel restrictions. The U. N climate conference, known as Cop 26, is scheduled for early November in Scotland. However, the British government has quickly rejected calls for postponement, saying a recent scientific report shows the urgency for the just to tackle the issue. Without further delay. I'm Charles Asthma, the UK is opening a public inquiry into plans for the country's first new deep coal mine and 30 years. Amid complaints from climate activists. I'm Rita Foley. AP News Now the rebuild the Louisiana residents are being warned that repairing hurricane Ida's damage isn't going to be easy. My expectation is that it only gets worse from here. That's what a real estate agent research firm, chief economist says about reconstruction in the region hit by Hurricane Ida. Homeowners have been calling about damaged roofs or to get an update on renovations that were scheduled before the storm. Joe Sobel, the owner of Big Easy Construction in New Orleans, says he's got bad news. The job will cost a lot more than usual and take a lot longer. And one roofing company owner says. I've spent more time fighting with insurance companies over prices than I did roofing houses. Building. Contractors were already grappling with severe shortages of workers and supplies when IDA hit I'm Rita Foley 20 years after Andrea Ha Berman died in the September 11th 2000 and one terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Her family holds tight to the love she left behind. Her father, Gordon Hoberman, says his life has not been the same since September. 11th 2000 and one My life has been September 11th Andrea was 25. It was her first trip to New York. She was on the 92nd floor of the north tower for work when the plane hijacked by Al Qaeda hit the floor above her just missed her present. Her humor. Her love some of her personal things like her cell phone, and I'd were found in the rubble, which her dad donated to the 9 11 Museum. There's no 100 million people in America who have We're not.

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