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An end. Ep member of parliament from nunavut says goodbye and good riddance to ottawa. Explaining how unwelcomed she was made to feel as an inuit woman in the house of commons. Not a good sign. An edmonton mosque is in shock. After a swastikas discovered spray painted on a wall and the mosque president tells us hate has no place in canada handshake agreement disagreement on everything else. Joe biden and vladimir putin meet and greet but the tete-a-tete appear to have resulted in any changes of heart scorching policy. Doctors in arizona are warning residents to tread carefully because a heatwave has turned the pavement into a searing surface that can inflict serious burns ahead by thirteen centuries researchers in new zealand find evidence that the antarctic waters were explored by indigenous groups long before bearded dudes from europe showed up on the scene and a box on all your houses in the us girl scout. Cookies sales are way down but for one eleven year old sales in the cookies themselves are way up. Thanks to the drones. She's using to deliver them as it happens. Wednesday edition radio. Let's chocolate chips fall where they may underneath. Malak cacak is leaving parliament with something to think about. The mvp mp for nunavut has decided not to run in the next election last night. She delivered her farewell speech to the house of commons and as ms kaku told her followers on twitter. She did not hold back every time. I walk onto house of common grounds. Speak in news chambers. I'm reminded every step of the way. I don't belong here. I have never felt safe or protected in my position. Especially within the house of commons often having pep talks with myself in the elevator or taking a moment in the bathroom stall to maintain my composure. When i walked through these doors not only am. I reminded of the clear colonial house on fire. I am willingly walking into. I'm already in survival mode. That was going and ep. Mp mummy luck. Speaking the house of commons last night we reached ms cacak in ottawa. This speech you gave last night is so powerful and we will post links so that because everyone should hear it. What kind of reaction are you getting from people. I think that people are upset. it's it's been forced. This conversation has been forced the student I think that people that they want to see my name back on the ballot. So it's been nothing but momentum amount of support and and months that i've been seeing anyways and lots of messages from people that i know Just congratulating or same but it's it's what's needed and that's what's going to be missed that amount and level of transparency and accountability. You said in part of the speech. You mentioned that you are reminded every time you walk into the house of commons. You reminded that you don't belong there. What does the experience you have in that building in that institution so i was walking to the house one time and to question period and i saw the security guy in booth and he gave me a nod so i guess i'm a nod and i was like great like i contact with great. I like i'm good. He knows who i am and i. I don't have to worry. So and i usually. I always have my headphones in. Because i'm trying to pump myself up with snotty nose reds kids and get myself mentally prepared to speak in the house of commons and i got the nod from the security in the booth and i pass by the next set of doors and i'm listening to music but i can hear and feel heavy steps and vibration as if somebody's jogging after me and i knew it was happening and that there was a the second security guard. He didn't not at me even though he looked at me. And so i thought okay. That's probably what it is so slowly take out my headphones slowly. Turn make sure that. I'm not moving. Casaus i'm not gonna make a scene i'm not gonna and he's like do you have. Id you need to be like basically screen to be in here. And i was like oh my goodness and he eventually like realized. I think felt a bit silly. But how intimidating is that like to have these big heavy footsteps behind me. And so then i'm thinking so my position helps but it doesn't matter If i don't have the titles and then what then. What do i do and i just am always going into work With that mindset in your speech you want people to understand the issues. You were trying to bring to the house of commons that. They've also been ignored. You talk about this. The lack of affordability in housing the access to clean water the suicide rate among you people were ever able to get anything that you wanted on the agenda. I got to speak from a place of truth and reality. I got to say exactly what needed to be said and how it needed to and for me. That's the a huge accomplishment. Even though it it shouldn't be in the world of politics. I think that's that's something that needs to be discussed more. I would not feel comfortable in any other space except with the new democrat party. I have never felt the need to to tone down or two not k something. And i have never been put in a position where i've been made to muslim myself. And in any way shape or form. And i think if anything i've been able to show that impossible as possible that there's chance for hope where it's purposely put out and i think that regardless of what happens next there has at least been shown that we don't need to hide those truth we don't need to be thankful for less than the bare minimum and that we can find pride in our identity and who we are again and let for moving towards healing. You don't let anyone off the hook in this speech right you. The people who say who are posed to your ideas opposed to what you're trying to to tell the house of commons. That did they are less a problem for you than those who say yes. We understand exactly we. We see exactly what you're saying but we're not going to do anything about it. You've said that that's that's that's the worst of it isn't it to be told all the time as an indigenous person. That's someone that looks like me that they know there's a problem. They know there needs to be more. Done is incredibly frustrating. And what. I've come to realize more and more is that it's it's about power and that there's an major imbalance and what what that is is the gaslight. It's a power trip to be able to have an immense amount of oppression on not a small group of people by any means. I'm talking about tens of thousands of inuit. I'm about hundreds of thousands of digital people who this system doesn't doesn't work for and i have point.

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