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Site. And then the churches, as you talked about, Eric, did the work for the left at that very same time, which is a huge section that David wrote about by splitting itself. I mean, today's evangelical movement has basically given up the idea of education at all, and that became Sunday school. And the progressives, we have a couple of quotes in here, openly mock it. They say, what can one hour of theistic training on Sunday do against 5 days of progressive training during the week? They knew once the God was pushed out. They had the advantage, which is why the name of this book was almost the 16,000 hour war, because it's 16,000 hours of public instruction that your kids get from K through 12 when that's nowhere near the amount of time they would spend inside a church or a church group or with religious instruction. I mean, this is jaw dropping stuff. This is absolutely jaw dropping stuff. I marvel at the genius of the wicked. In other words, the idea that they thought this through and that they were so dedicated to getting God out. And again, there are many people today. They think they're conservatives. Don't understand that without virtue and faith, you can't have freedom. You can talk all you want about the free market and we believe in free. Your version of freedom is like Dewey's version of patriotism. Ultimately, it's hollow, and it will, there's nothing there. And you're going to find out, you will find out if you don't understand that at the heart of what you think you value has to be some kind of virtue. You're going to have to teach virtue and virtue comes from faith in something larger and whatever. But if you're teaching nihilism, you can't do that. So it's this sleight of hand. And the proof will be in the pudding. We're talking to the authors of battle for the American mind, Pete hegseth, and David Goodwin don't go away. And civilize jungle females that door the Lions who come on swinging.

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