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They can study whatever they want. they don't seem to be interested in that so he would ruin their scenario. I guess so do. Do you have something else or not. Not really make a very brief mention of this About a change in uk was again. It has to do with freedom of speech but We'll we'll keep looking glenn greenwald and others About this but They're they're changing some rules in In in england And it says reporters may face fourteen years in prison but the crime that they would commit is. Because you know you have in the media. The one of the protection of free markets is that people aren't allowed to libel people there. They're you know. Slander alaba free market. But this is going over the line and that's the big issue here is how we. How do you draw the line. But they're drawing. The line rather carol carelessly. They're saying that if a reporter or a journalist embarrasses the government Boy that's a serious crime and then they they can be They can be fine money and arrested and all those kind of things that They don't they. Don't want exposure and i think of That's already present. Because i whistle blowers are aren't well treated. How many whistle blowers are real heroes. You know they don't allow that to happen. They may be heroes dos but But not to the general public government does a pretty good job at embarrassing itself. Help and do that. But i'll just close by saying we're we're we're back. We've been away for a while. We're away from from with our conference we're back now. We just want to remind you again if you're not subscribe to this channel. Let's grow this channel while we can subscribe to the ron paul. Deliver report youtube channel. Make sure you click like Make sure you do all of those things that might help the algorithms get us viewed a little bit more to get the message out. Go to ron paul institute dot org and sign up for updates. They're free and we don't sell. Your name is just to keep you informed to let you know when our next event is and what we're up to and to give some ideas so stick with us. Let's keep together Let's keep communicating. And we certainly do appreciate you watching the holiday report very good. I want to mention once again. About what the public opinion is. And we read in the paper and hear all the news and these statistics Never seen favorable to defend our position so we have to question how do they. How do they do. These tasks but Numbers of people are important. I think leadership is very important people who are principled and the professors in the writers their thought leaders i think that's very important but ultimately The will of people does rule the the the row the people the prevailing opinion. The people will usually determine what kind of government they put up with. And i mentioned this. The other day i'm rematch in it because i thought it was so neat That had to do with the football college football. I guess on saturday. And i did see some some picture i. I'm not a real good Volunteer to watch a lot of sports. I love sports participate. But i've never been a good You're but anyway. I was watching a little bit and one of the football games on there. Had a few people know empty seats no social distance. No mask on so. They must have had a cracking the door. Maybe i governor. Somebody opened it up a little bit but they came and they weren't frightened. They weren't intimidated. And there was no social thing and i predict from those football games. Last saturday will not be used as a as a reason.

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