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With covert nineteen I do not feel ill or show any symptoms until Friday morning fever fatigue exhaustion sore throat headaches plugged ears dry cough tightness in my chest which worsened during the day I have no idea when I came into contact with covert nineteen let alone how long I've been quoting incubating as a lifelong hypochondriac I've kept up impeccable hygiene it was nowhere near anybody who appeared to be sick I implore you to practice social distancing or even kinder self quarantine you may not be visibly ill but you might be a carrier who is putting vulnerable people at high risk categories in jeopardy stay safe these are trying times do your part to flatten the curve by remaining inside yes newsradio eight thirty cage rage if you wanna jump on in love to hear from you it's it's weird we're spending time together thank you for me to go through the every single momentary declaration and all of that we'll summarize but I'm viewing this more of you and I just have a chance to chat just where are you how you doing what's been your experience share from others whatever might be Charlie white Calais good morning Charlie welcome Hey Rick good morning happy Monday rather it is yeah public trying to help you Monday yeah I just wanted.

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