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It's not as affected or tastefully done as it is in the master of disguise, which was one of my favorite movies where James Brolin rips off a mask of Bo Derek and the audience stands in Chater rolling, yes or Josh Brolin don't James Brolin old one. He plays Dana Carvey father, Dana forty, six in that movie, but but he his character supposed to be twenty three. It's wild. Gosh, how dairy anyways. So that's the. That's the story of the first. Mission impossible movie as far as I can explain it. Let's take a quick break and we will be back in a moment. Okay. So what do you wanna do podcast about marriage? Well, it's the oldest game in the buck, right? Most people do it. No one really talks about it. Sometimes my own marriage seems kind of mundane. I want to know what it's like to be married to a rockstar, or a porn star. I wanna know what it's like to be married to someone who has him Nisha, if you're worried that they're going to forget you forever. They picked me up on the stretcher. The only thing Patrick said to me was dots. My wife. Yeah. In the back down here. He is definitely been nothing but wonderful and it wasn't just about one person was I wanted to go to the Olympics. Alexa wanted to go Olympics and we wanted to get each other to the Olympics. From how stuff works. I'm Joe Piazza. This is committed, subscribe on apple podcast. A ever. You get your podcasts. And I go so mission impossible. There are just rip off my Jon Voight mask. I believe getting very hot. I thought that was you, but it turns out it was Jamie Lofton. Jon Voight is actually out on the balcony. He'll come in now and we'll have a confrontation. As we hinted at during the recap, it seems like there's a parody within the team at the beginning at the beginning of the movie where it is three men and three women. But once they all die because they all die within the first twenty minutes except for it will clear comes back. But basically two of the three women die. Two of the three men dies. We're left with Ethan hunt, and Claire is kind of the main players in the movie and then was was president, Ethan. Was he dating hot lady with the red lip? Was that like a Saint or they were just were? Were they just pretending because of spies, you know what character you're talking about. Kristin, Scott Thomas? Yes, I don't think they were dating. I think there's a very classic spy move of the two of us need to pretend to make out. So there's a reason we're just in this alley rachi somebody I think they were just doing that. They were just okay. 'cause it was like, I don't know how attached we're supposed to be because then they're just killed. So it starts gender parody, and then becomes the opposite as the movie goes on, which is great because his great pretty much all the new characters are introduced. Aside from max is a man? Yeah, because then we meet kitsch. We me Luther, we meet Krieger because I was like, when I was I watching this, I was like at didn't super remember that while I was like, oh, wow, they're going to be a bunch of women in this movie. Cool. Forgetting that they almost all die right away. Also, I realized like, oh, what a pair, what a gender parody on the team. But then I think they did gender parody so they could kill female characters to create. Wait in a, I think that's kinda why it's such a female team, honestly to give like if it was an all male team and they all die. It's like less feeling maybe is probably actor producer, Tom Cruise's opinion. I think it was pretty rough. Yeah. And then he gets to have the moment with with Kristin Scott Thomas of like, you wouldn't have that if that was all male team of like, oh, we get, we get a kiss and we get a item. I don't like that. They bring all the women and then they're like, okay, well, we're going to murder them, but we're going to bring the model back and she is Jon Voight wife near stuff. Yeah. If a male agent did the fake out, make out in the alley that would have ruled in great move lake. Yeah, called fake out..

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