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Sports flash. Unlearn every liberal start with some college football top twenty five scores will start in Madison, Wisconsin fifth-ranked badgers, pretty much all over New Mexico with a seventeen point lead Wisconsin leading thirty one fourteen there in the fourth quarter Jonathan Taylor. A couple of TD. Ron's over two hundred yards rushing four Taylor Manhattan. Kansas number eighteen Mississippi State, two touchdown lead over Kansas state. It's twenty four ten late. Third quarter, Colin hill TD pass and a TD run for the BULLDOGS in the big house number twenty one Michigan all over western Michigan forty to nothing in the third quarter shape. Patterson three TD passes. Chris Evans to TD runs in Norman. Oklahoma. It is number six Oklahoma leading UCLA twenty one to seven there at the break caliber, CDs, one passing one rushing Virginia Tech with a seven nothing lead over William and Mary and number twenty three Oregon the ducks over Portland state. It is seven to nothing as well. Three thirty eastern cakes down in the SEC and Tuscaloosa number one, Alabama hosting Arkansas state crimson tide have one seventy four straight games over non ranked opponents the big one in the SEC number three Georgia visiting number twenty four South Carolina big game down in the SEC. This game will be in the driver's seat in the SEC's eastern division. Gamecocks? Coach will must have knows the dogs will be tough can respect for coach Martin his staff and almost guys and they do a fantastic job. They got a really good football team. With a bunch of good players a bunch of guys that played for a national championship last year. Not experienced certainly, he's benefiting them. Rutgers at number four state also at three thirty in ball state visiting the golden dome is number eight Notre Dame tonight at seven PM number to Clemson out of the conference at Texas. Am got some controversies with QB's at Alabama who should play. Clemson also has two good ones in a battle as well. Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence. Here's dabble swing. Two quarterbacks that were here last year here anymore. So I try to keep nobody happy. I try and keep nobody from transferring. I just wanna win. And that's just the best player gonna play. I'm luridly listen to on football with rich Ackerman. Every Sunday afternoon right here on CBS.

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