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That saying the U.S. goal is to end the war not expanded and sending U.S. pilots into Ukrainian airspace could risk a broader conflict He says the U.S. is also working through what he calls some complexities to get Polish MiG fighter jets to Ukraine Michelle Kellerman and PR news the State Department Democratic leaders say they're abandoning the idea of providing a fresh infusion of $15.6 billion to battle the COVID-19 pandemic that's clearing the way for House debate in passage of a government spending bill to include billions in aid for Ukraine and European allies President Biden has signed an executive order asking agencies in the government to study the potential risks from cryptocurrency and other digital assets Here's NPR's David gura This executive order calls for more research and coordination among different agencies including the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department but it doesn't outline any concrete plans for regulating the $3 trillion marketplace Some 40 million Americans have invested in traded or used cryptocurrencies The White House says and the assets popularity continues to skyrocket Financial regulators have already been studying the impact of these digital currencies The Federal Reserve for example issued a paper earlier this year examining the pros and cons of introducing a government issued digital dollar David gura NPR news New York On Wall Street the Dow rose 653 points the NASDAQ was up 459 points today This is NPR From E News in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim barris It's 5 O four A proposal to change Georgia's hands free law crashes in the Georgia Senate The bill would have allowed drivers to use their phones at stoplights red lights stop signs and the like but Republican state senator Randy Robertson a former sheriff's deputy blasted that idea But someone is messing with their phone at a traffic device they are not paying attention to the danger that is around them The bill failed by a vote of 14 to 35 Well the bill introduced in the Georgia state house would require businesses to accept cash and provide exact change This comes as many stores have moved to cashless payment systems amid concerns that cash is unhygienic and as the country faces a nationwide coin shortage Democratic state representative miesha maynor introduced the bill She says the decision to abandon cash transactions discriminates against Georgians who do not have a bank account And finally the city of Atlanta the city of Atlanta has brought 9 acres of land in the northwest riverside neighborhood once developed the acquisition will be the city's first park with access to the chattahoochee river Officials say it was made possible in.

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