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We're looking out a week ahead they gotta go to the spurs and i don't know who's gonna be healthy for the spurs last night nobody was but i'm saying it doesn't get any easier don't wanted to be we don't want that and i guarantee you we will win tonight it'll dr king's birthday you know what's going to happen really year let them do i'm doing it wow really i'll take that bad day now i do need to know who's actually otto no we don't we were crank they're all going to be held big all play as a matter of fact they can bring back out of the rick bears they won't via i'll just take rick berry no new jahor taken a room i'm not a y'all don't don't y'all me and kevin durant i want to be the allstar cab out of wanna pietton hit kevin wants to be likes obeys gift utilize the brown wants to be like k d wants to be lyles i would agree but wonder what an afp he is the best known it up bullying is we know that this is where we body knows you would i this where we part we were you good for you but when you start talking craves give arcade duckie get down would you like this no good where that made the best mantle beth play on the planet y you know what you remind me of you know the old story the emperor has no clothes that's a story i hear every day here you know what happened in that story about what happened in that story the emperor everybody keeps telling you have an amazing new set of clothes it's so amazing emperor yes he's in his birthday suit he has no clothes on no more so that's what you tell me that you know the emperor has he has beautiful clothes according to you and i keep saying i i dunno mainly art audio yes that's what we're talking about it but i thought you were talking about the cold b in jae crowder logan.

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