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High forty six tonight mostly clear in quiet with a low of twenty eight on sunday sunny then some clouds late with a high forty seven monday generally overcast skies with the chance for rain snow mix specially south and east a high of forty three on tuesday partly cloudy with lingering flurries or snow shower high forty two wednesday still chilly with a snow shower possible a high of forty three degrees eyewitness weather updates eight times every hour on kyw newsradio currently at the broadcast sooner partly cloudy thirty one degrees headed to forty six this afternoon ky lee news time 524 there was some trash talking between the philadelphia museum of art in the museum of fine arts in boston before the super bowl kyw john mcdevitt reports a bet whose paid off friday at the museum with the new england patriots paying a visit as an oval in the art world that you get the trash talk to you know rarely and by the way it was all very polite that sympathy rubbed the director of the philadelphia museum of art at the unveiling of the painting temporarily on display from the bus museum of fine arts the artis is eighteenth century painter johnson copley the subject mercy oldest war who is a great author very accomplished in very unusual for a woman to have that kind of position in society that day and a great revolutionary to be advocated independence and worked actively towards it as part of the bed the oil painting of the patriot will be on display here for three months in the bedroom west painting depicting benjamin franklin brawling electricity from the sky stays put here in philadelphia john mcdevitt kyw newsradio kyw.

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