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A ground ball that's in the right field for a base hit Betz will score Freeman racing toward the plate Soto will not make a throw He is now one for four He's actually driven in three runs now for the first inning ground out It's the Dodgers 9 And the national's nothing Dave jagler with a call on 1500 a.m. the nationals honored Turner along with fellow nets World Series champion Daniel Hudson before a ten one route that actually could have been worse because the Nats lone run came in the 9th inning and really only because of a great slide into second base by Nelson Cruz that Dave Martinez said is Awesome If I was 41 I wish I could run like that But that's two years He's a professional In a bit of numerical symmetry Joanna dome lost his 6th straight start after giving up 6 runs while Tyler Anderson improved the 5 and O after surrendering only 5 hits in 8 scoreless innings The Orioles gotta go ahead home run from Ramon urias in the 6th inning of a 6 four win over the Yankees to take the series opener in The Bronx The Boston Celtics dominated game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals even without Marcus smarts evening the series two two with a one O two 82 win over Miami In the NFL Nick Foles is reuniting with Frank Reich and Indianapolis signing a two year deal to back up quarterback Matt Ryan and Foles of course used to back up Carson Wentz who officially takes the field for the commanders in the first organized team activities for the burgundy and gold Rob woodfork WTO sports All right thanks rob as always 1216 On your Tuesday morning on WTO V On the top stories we're following for you this midnight hour is the morning May 24th on WTO President Joe Biden says the U.S. would defend Taiwan militarily if China invades the president's sounding the more aggressive stance this week on Monday and his 5 day Asian tour as it winds down Former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins was apparently legally drunk and had drugs in his system when he was hit by a dump truck and killed last month along the Florida interstate the Broward county Emmys report this week shows the 24 year old had a blood alcohol content more than twice Florida's legal limit Maryland's gas tax is scheduled to increase in July to keep up with inflation but because gas prices are so high already governor Larry Hogan is asking comptroller Peter franchot to figure out a way to avoid or minimize this summer's tax hike French wants the governor to suspend the gas tax altogether until September They would double TOP for more on these developing stories This Tuesday morning May 24th Here on WTO P where the time Now I was 1218 I think it was on the 8th and when it breaks good morning to rich hunter and the WTO V traffic.

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