Dr John Brownstein, NYC, Eglin Air Force discussed on Red Eye Radio


We're seeing sort of signs that you know transmission it's coming down and so every single case you know might lead to less than another case epidemiologist and ABC news contributor Dr John Brownstein at Boston children's hospital said it's reason for optimism but cautioned it's still early in the re opening of the country from its coronavirus closures Erin cutters he ABC news New York president trump defending his use of a malaria drug as a preventive measure against covert nineteen even though no research indicates it's useful against the virus and can cause heart trouble I think it's worth it as a line of defense and I'll stay on it for a little while longer I'm just very curious myself in the central portion of Michigan's lower peninsula the tenable wasi river bloated by days of heavy rain caused to earth and dams to fail sending water into places in Midland county where it shouldn't go governor Gretchen Whitmer ordering tens of thousands of residents to evacuate if you have a relative or a friend somewhere else in the state that you can go and stay with please go to their homes if you don't go to one of the many shelters that have been set up in and around Midland county and F. thirty five top of the line U. S. attack fighter crashed in Florida the F. thirty five fighter jet was landing at Eglin Air Force base on Tuesday night when it crashed according to the Air Force the pilot was able to eject safely and is in stable condition it's the second crash in five days involving a fighter jet at the base located on the Florida panhandle on Friday an F. twenty two fighter crash at the training range in England the pilot in NYC crash also ejected safely A. B. C.'s Louis Martinez.

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