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Christmas presents if you listen to her they signed Robert Turbin early in the day on Monday Marshall lodge goes in for physical he agrees to terms with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night his contract is for this season only this this is why I like the movie I can't remember clearance bin week seventeen your bring back a guy who number one is familiar with the offense that even if these in crappy shape you're not going to ask me to carry the football twenty five times you're thinking about ten times a game and hopefully on the goal line you're going to be that top running back that gets those top your or in short yardage situations plus the energy he's going to bring to the team just with his presence all right is absolutely second tonight he gets that stadium going absolutely because are not they don't go berserk anyway it's an actual because of what Marshawn Lynch means the team it's the energy he's gonna bring to the office to get Marshawn Lynch's back we have a bit of security blanket back there not to worry about the fact that Carson's hurt which we missed our our great running back Hey money money which is back these photos back please quake is back and that's still the rest of the team with confidence and it's a it's a boost of adrenaline that you need when you're looking for week seventeen gourmet we've had a rough last two or three weeks and now we've lost our running backs and can we wind up actually winning the game here were playing for the number one seat to get the rest of what she said Smith and Mike Carvin stack podcast by searching that Jason Smith show with my karma and as always you can hear that G. since late show with Mike Carr made weekdays from eleven PM eastern right here watch sports radio when you hear your yeah they know that this is going to make it stop you know it's coming and with I mean there's very very sensitive alright listen tonight right at six AM Pacific sports radio you know you like to browse you too that's what I'm all about if you're trying to get to you too one more maybe a fight video yeah.

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