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Rick that pop tart boxful of ideas is really really gonna pay off for our up says for this week. Who's even real are you real. Are you real bra. who Our synopsis for the episode is as follows. Which i'm taking a kind of a quote from the episode they're no longer rix and more dis and baths and jerry's or also summers ago so Yeah this this episode. Definitely unlike many of the episodes that we've seen before obviously remy targeted spoilers and things like that so if you have not seen the episode. We're going to talk about it. You've been warned But yeah so this is obviously the title is a riff on the classic classic nineteen ninety-six film multiplicity starring. The mr mom batman birdman volt your man himself michael keaton any other any other michael keaton roles. You wanted to cram into that. That description brit bolton hill. I i when i. When i was writing that for the red i thought okay mr mom okay And then batman and then birdman. And i was like he was a different bird character. It was vulture in the spiderman films. He's he's got a lot of flying Characters under his belt in. I i gotta i gotta commend michael keaton for his is his flying typecasting. Yeah yeah typecast as as flyers. That's that's that's michael. Keaton anyway meta vet really had anything to do with the episode. Yes so this this episode. Brennan when i was it Watched it live when it when it aired sunday night and i maybe it was my own fault my my own my own set of expectations but washing the cold open and then and then going through really the first act bef- before the before the next ad break i kept waiting till like i kept waiting for the story to kick in. I kept waiting for okay. Like here's a few gags. And then this is what the story is going to be about. And it it took off me to realize like oh all of these duplicates all all of these copies this. This is the story this is. This is what this is what we get What what were your sort of initial takes as you started to kind of understand that this was not going to be like any other. Rick and morty up until the up until the first break i i took it as okay or is is this episode just going to be them killing each other increasingly violent ways for for twenty minutes. That's that's that was my first thought Eminem when it was leading into the break they started figuring out you know they. They started explaining what was happening in in the mystery behind. Who the squid people were that like. Okay all right. it's going to. We're going to go for from here in so thankfully thankfully it changed right but you sent me a message pretty much at the at the.

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