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Beach Alabama and you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm Kate wolf the city of Alameda has released body camera footage of police responding to a call in late may that a black man was dancing in the streets and neighbors video of the confrontation between the police and the man a resident named Molly Watkins went viral KQED's Serra Husayni reports in a recording released Friday a woman tells non emergency dispatch that an African American man is dancing and spinning in the street I'm getting your mind body camera footage as a police officer arrives shows a middle aged man and athletic clothes moving his arms while walking just outside the car going on well kept streets when approached the man Molly Watkins explains that he lives across the street and is doing his daily dance exercises the cop asks if he feels like hurting himself now you're detained soon walk ins is forced to face down to the ground placed in handcuffs and cited for resisting arrest everybody all rounder what we can do everything in the ticket I was a victim of police brutality you're going to end up in a month come on man hello Baker center for human rights executive director Zachary Norris works with neighborhood watch groups around bias to prevent such calls in the first place and he's part of a growing push to redistribute police funds to other public safety programs like those accessible through the two one one resource line for example if we had a broader set of first responders it would reduce the number of police interactions with black and brown people and with all people Alameda city manager Eric Levitz says the city is conducting a probe into the incident and will work to ensure the police department's.

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