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You're listening to inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum getting over a little sinus thing going on rob. But my voice is a little deeper. You notice that? Yeah. It sounds nice. Like Sam Elliott. Thank your up. You never compliment sound like samoyed. You know Sam Elliott was. Yeah. He's on the ranch with ex he is on the ranch, she tax. But I was thinking more like that's the that's the version of Sam Elliott. You're talking about dude on talking about big lebowski, the do or couture's. The banquet beer, right? Yeah. I I'm excited about this podcast. Like, I always about podcasts that are actually good. But this one's special. This is someone who's been in the I don't know in the news in pop culture for what how many years furred like twenty five thirty years thirty years. This is I mean, you know, from home alone, you know, I'm from what's the movie with the fat guy? John malone. Do not home alone too. But he was also an uncle lot uncle buck, which he's got a fascinating story. Macaulay Kalkin his on the shell. We talk about even Michael Jackson was a little bit nervous at the end. But I was like, hey, I gotta ask you this. And he was very forthcoming one of the nicest guys ever, he just shows you how you know, you can't survive after being a child star. These sort of seems happy to me seems like he's I liked this guy. I mean, we went to camp together. We talk about this the camp that we went together. Macaulay Culkin is our guest when he have a listen most get inside mccully. It's my. You're listening to inside of you with Michael Rose. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. How do you feel about listening yourself? I'm good with it. You like it. Yeah. I mean, do you sit your voice, not really? We'll say it's kind of in the middle. I'm not not a fan. But it's not like, I don't like I don't need the sound of my own voice. Like, I'm no one I'm like lined with sound of their own voice. It's that kind of thing where it for yourself fellows. Yeah. It was the kind of thing where it's like you hear yourself an old answering machine or something like that or voicemail, and you go I don't sound that way. Yeah. Yeah. So listening to myself on my podcast. I'm I guess. Yeah. I guess I guess it sound that way voice over work. Not in a while when I was kid I used to look a lot more animated. Yeah. Animated stuff. I had my own Saturday morning television show. What was that called? It was called a wish kid we did one season of it Saturday morning. But also this is the early nineties. So it's like Rosie o'donald header own one new John candy life with Louie member. Louis Anderson bobby's world that was a Howie Mandel. So again, so I I was you had your own. I had my own. Yeah. Wish kid wish kid. I had a magic baseball glove that grant wishes that sounds kind of fun wanted that work. How how did it work? How why didn't didn't it work? Oh, because because because I mean, it was it was a cheap nineties s cartoon thing. They also put us up against the ninja turtles, which is a great idea. Like, you know, but yeah, a lot of robot chicken's because your friends will. I actually just emailed them and said, hey, man, I was watching robot chicken man's. I'd like to do a line or something on that show. Somebody have you not done it yet. That's what he said. He goes you haven't done it yet. No seems like it's in your real house kind of thing that. Yeah. Shit. Like, you know, pop culture. I don't do it as much as I'd like. And that's what he always says in general. He goes. Yeah. Everybody always says, why would you had me on in a while kind of thing? So, but he hasn't done it in the last two years, but I used to always do the New York comic con panels like for that even though I wouldn't be on at all that season. Like, I'm just I'm just there randomly it was like my Raynham one year. Like every every once a you could see MacAulay Culkin live, they go I'd show up. And I always say before I go, don't worry..

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