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Don't you know like they get paid for being bad insane yeah and not like just or being what's is the right word at confrontational yeah no normal society we everyone would be like you're drunk. Oh home stopping us. Oh you lose friends brian exactly world yeah. It means more money yeah and that's how they grew up to say. We're like you know high schoolers. I've been living in this weird warped warped reality for a long time. So i do feel i feel bad for all of them involved so i like that yeah i sort of do too. I mean mostly justin bobby bobby yeah. This is my question. We got the best email her reading from a girl who can read one night stand and with him. I don't know how you feel about it. We i love it but this email is the pretty insane insane i haven't. I haven't experienced or bad. I'll just give you some highlights attention. I slept with justin bobby. I of the answers to all of your questions about justin bobby. I'm writing. You live from charlotte north carolina. She's not going to tell you she basically it. Was it happened at a chili's. She was nineteen chilies. Her friend hannes from chiles says justin bobby's at cia chilies and the girls who and she's she goes rose. I'm bobby raj and he touring she wearing and they were like yellow party. Justin bobby at chili's. You wanna come just listen. Bob came to the chili's okay so her hair's wet. She's rocking boyfriend jeans and he said is that your natural hair color or is this extensions engines and she goes. That's my real hair anyway and then she goes like don't you know who that is and she was like who and he was like he was on the hills and then justin bobby copped a real hard attitude attitude about it and defend what he has done since his time on the show he tells us now he's a celebrity hairdresser and a rockstar laughing my ass okay fortunately he did not smell bad or good enough to be burned into my memory but we hit it off and chatted throughout the night about anyway it was can you get to the part where they birdie okay hold on so they texting texting blah blah blah innocent me. Justin bobby invites me to his concert. Blah blah blah. No one's there no one's at the concert. It was like he wasn't isn't playing. It's forty five minutes. Blah blah blah blah blah.

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