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Brian lehrer on wnyc so are democrats counting their proverbial chickens before they hatch in counting on a blue wave to wrest control of the house and maybe even the senate in november that's what jonathan alter suggest in his most recent daily beast column he warns that republican money and a search for progressively pure candidates and democratic primaries could backfire and he uses the cynthia nixon primary challenge of the more centrist andrew cuomo as a prime example even though it's not a congressional race and he joins me now jonathan who's written two books about president obama among other things welcome back to wnyc thanks very much brian democrats with their head screwed on right or reviving an old ethic party and country over personal preference tell me why you think cynthia nixon's candidacy is quote screwing well first of all i think she has the perfect way to ron and i i think she is arguably doing some some good things in pushing andrew cuomo to the left so that's that's been interesting and people have a perfect right to vote for her my concern is what they do with their support for her and what that support in terms of time and money means because you could argue that every dollar that goes to a a primary fight like that especially one with a lot of publicity is one less dollar that would go to elect a.

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