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This is what the former bureaucrat who work there is alleging this is what he is alleging now in the meantime daniel p love has been drummed out of the b l m four total corruption who are lying for intimidating whitten is this this has been kept out of the bundy trial so far oh yeah i was gonna say rather this is going to make it into in front of the jury right like this is all amazing outrageous information but i suspect it's going to be kept secret from the jury well they've been kept from calling daniel p loves zone far because the judge is there belle isle here's misconduct we don't know of any misconduct he had that related to this case well this guy's getting tons of misconduct by daniel p love it's totally related to this case so there would seem to make it possible to bring daniel belove in now i don't think i think the trial can't continue at this point you can't have a trial where are you where you bring in a witness who's going to testify against the prosecutor right and you can't i don't think adjudged can't allow that so uh i think the ah i make the case this will this week be thrown out while at an intra prediction now at this this bundy situation as had so many trials up to this point have these guys been found not guilty for some of these yes these citizens these situations and this the these are re this is a retrial that is now being likely thrown out well ryan an an and bundy were tried and exonerated in oregon for the related events in the mouth your occupation this is the first time they've been on trial for the bundy for the bundy standoff these particular guys there was another earlier trial or set of trials with other defendants in the bundy stand up but this is this is the main trial where they're going after the people who were most responsible for what happened at the bundy ranch oh there's another thing is released here i went when i went to the first trial the defence whereas the defendants were trying to testify that there were snipers pointing guns at them in the hill the judge as much as testified.

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