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19. In addition, program is providing $100 million.50 dollars prepaid or grocery cards for newly vaccinated people leading up. To the states. Full reopening. Today's drawing is scheduled for 10 o'clock this morning. I'll be watching. I won't win anything, but I'll be watching as the mask mandate nears its end here in California, it is causing a split in opinion among some workers. Sacramento Bee surveyed 150 essential employees last week and found 52% and they approve ending the mass mandates. While 44% said it's too early to stop wearing face coverings. Those opposed note. They fear for the health of their Children who are too young to get vaccinated. Those in favor say they see vaccination rates rising and with its society returning to pre pandemic normalcy, even when mask mandates in June 15th each county can still update and enforce its own rules. Marilyn Haider KOGO NEWS, San Diego County is reporting just 83 new coronavirus cases the 15th time In the last 23 days, That number has been below 100. Positive test rate has dropped to 0.6% and 97 people are in the hospital, the lowest level this year. The U. S. Is sharing 75% of its surplus vaccine supply with other countries. Our goal in sharing our vaccines is in service of ending the pandemic Global. Our overarching aim is to get as many safe and effective vaccines to as many people as fast as possible. It's as simple as that. We want to save lives and toward variance that place all of us at risk. That's not National security adviser Jake Sullivan. The first portion of the vaccine sharing program will see 80 million doses coming out of the U. S. By the end of the month, a day after federal officials warn people of not trying to come to the U. S illegally on a boat Panga was found off the coast of LaToya Thursday morning. The 12 men and four women from Mexico have been dropped off and we're not hurt. They were taken into custody. There have been three previous smuggling attempts on boats in the last month, and some of those on board Or died. San Diego police offering gift cards and giveaways tomorrow in a gun buyback program s DPD says. Events like this usually get anywhere from 150 to 300 guns, and they'll be taken with no questions. Asked even if they're ghost guns, those put together at home, the now account for 25% of the weapons on the streets have guns that might be sword in their home. They're not using them. They're not functional. They don't have the equipment to safely to cure it, and we are offering $100 gift cards for every handgun brought in, and it's Nobody does bring in an assault rifle. They'll be getting $200 San Diego Police captain managed editorial saying. You can also exchange that for a skateboard with up to $180 event takes place tomorrow from eight A.m. to one p.m. at the Encanto Southern Baptist Church on Akins Avenue Jack Chronic cocaine use. His office has announced a new partnership with local law enforcement that aims to educate officers about different members of the community. It is an app that goes on the phones for every police officer in our region and Allows them to learn more before they encounter and individuals from one of the many diverse cultures that they may not be familiar with. Summer Stephens, saying the information could be used ahead of non emergency situations. President Biden rolling out a presidential commission to investigate January six, the attack on the capital President Biden does not intend to appoint his own commission to investigate January 6th, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. Sake says the president firmly agrees with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Congress has a unique role and ability to carry out an investigation and must do so. Pelosi has also dismissed the idea of a presidential commission describing at the colleagues is unworkable. Democrats do have other options, including a House Select committee after Senate Republicans blocked legislation to establish an independent bipartisan commission modelled after the panel set up to investigate the 9 11 terror attacks. That's Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill. Home. Famed criminal defense Attorney F. Lee Bailey has died. He was one of those lawyers you could recognize by name alone. F. Lee Bailey was known throughout his legal career for taking on some of the highest profile cases and clients. In the sixties, he reversed Sam Sheppard's conviction for killing his wife, a case that inspired the TV series The Fugitive. He counted heiress Patty Hearst among his clients in 1995. He also became part of O. J. Simpson's legal team, helping to earn his criminal acquittal. Simpson on Twitter called Bailey one of the great lawyers of our time. After countless TV appearances and disbarment in two states, he went into legal consulting. Bailey died in Georgia at 87. Week before his birthday. That's Colonel Scott reporting. A woman from Ventura is reunited with the wallet She lost 46 years ago. After an employee working on remodeling Southern California's historic majestic Ventura Theater discovered it in a crawl space. Did she lose it in the crawl space? Tom Stevens found the wallet among some old candy bar wrappers, ticket stubs and soda cans. He said he went on social media to try to find the owner based on the clues in the wallet that included a driver's license for a woman named Colleen Distant. It expired in 1976. A few days ago, she went to pick up the wallet now a little bit Brown with age and said it was like opening a time capsule. Wow. I wonder what else she had in there. Well, apparently not money. Well, I'm wondering, I'm wondering. Somebody just took the money and then threw it in the crawlspace. Right? That's what I'm wondering, Especially if there was soda cans and candy wrappers going to go through this stuff while have a soda here. Mm. Yeah, well, a mom who almost lost her son has an important message for other parents. That's coming up. We have your traffic your weather three minutes away. Kogo nears time 507. Here's David Snell with needs heating and air. Some years ago, I met with the family in Northern Virginia who needed to replace their H V. A C system when.

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