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They're the better team. They're going to win. Ruckers kicker all time fucking new jersey name. What is his name. Someone find it for me. Please line that's talk rutgers kicker. I know we're live in tennessee tennessee's an underachiever every year feels like ninety eight feels like ninety eight vowel ambrosio fucking lago attack minus three. And a half. This does not line up with the metrics doozy's one in six on the road against power five opponents but he is nine and eight against the spread has away favorite. Pick it a quarterback strong defense. Good running back. I think just to programs like in different areas. Pit a mediocre. Acc team. but that's what you expect tennessee. How many times feels like ninety eight. Feels like their back. They're back no thanks. I'll take it even as a road favorite. Nc state minus two and a half. I loved evan. God damn it we have all loved devin leary. A rat line. I'm worried about a little bit but it could be an overreaction of how bad mississippi state look last week. But i do love this kid. Come back after the injury. Nc state looked great with him. Last year i love nc state. I'm gonna take arkansas state. plus five. They went they started. James blackman from florida state. And that's what that kid landed. They switched over to this kid lane hatcher. He had a great game. I two toss up game. Just gonna take the points ally arkansas state. I do think they give a chance to win. Cal plus eleven against tcu. Justin wilcox eighteen against the spread as a road. Dogg patterson twenty twenty seven and visa poll against spray alzheimer's. She's against the spread as a home. Favourite cal after a tough loss last week nevada. Who's very good. I like cal. Plus eleven i think. Usc minus seventeen and a half. And the first half i've ever it is stanford fucking exposed by team who threw the ball fourteen times last week in kansas state. I love candidate. They ran over them. Imagine what slow this is gonna do. He's a heisman candidate. Usc is is right there in. And i have it as well yeah. It's only seventeen. Yes even better. What's the first half. I don't know it's whatever it is we'll nine that's a guess. Yeah we'll clarify that but That's where i'm at and clean that up. I'll give you. I'll give you the my last pick right before the lock because it gives it away. Obviously okay all right my card. I like boise state at home minus twenty six against you tap and the fifty six. I think there's going to be a classic blue turf game. Boise played pretty tough as an underdog. Ucf loss thirty six thirty one. I think they win. This game by a ton I like oklahoma state minus thirteen at home against tulsa their oklahoma state's just gundy's got them on a pretty regular schedule being awful loss last week to The i'm with rico on this i like pitt Given three and a half at tennessee we already did oregon ohio state. I took oregon in the over could pick. I like I i love this pick and it would potentially be. My mortal lock is my original. If it wasn't virginia but middle tennessee plus twenty against virginia tech. I love i love down. I think virginia tech is coming off that win. Everyone's buying their kuwait. Also like fifty four over middle tennessee's pretty good thing militancy could win that game and i liked it also. I'll give a quick shout to kelly in vegas when i'm paying attention to because kind of what she's got me on this vibe thinking thing but she was all over la annoy being oh illinois that wind forget about it. I bet that game. I didn't add a card. I wish i did but they lost at. Utsa straight up. I took that I like the over in toledo notre dame fifty five good pick Colorado i like the over fifty and a half there I was eight. I took already plus the points Houston rice rice at home plus eight. They played like basically it straight up with arkansas. The entire game in houston high on. Houston they look like dog shit. Yeah well that's why. I like right big and then i don't know what the fuck avin rice here I like arkansas. I've already given at home. Plus six and a half in texas. I like the over fifty six and a half this game now. I'm starting to think as a wild trap. But i you know i'm taking off the board had. Nc state at mrs is of taking it off. I'm taking that i don't trust. Nc state on the road. north texas. As you i like smu minus twenty. Two and i like the over in that game as well. I think it's seventy three's at the over north texas. Put up a ton of points last week against somebody really bad washington michigan. I gave out michigan. But i don't love it San diego state at arizona. I think arizona win this game. I like the coach is two and a half arizona. The patriots ex patriots guy Umass we gave the red bend. Nbc modest points ruckers is two and a half syracuse amman. Yano amont yano In there's the card. I'll give them more. Which ones my mortal after. Okay my car. I have twenty eight picks. I believe I will washington plus six and a half south alabama minus fifteen iowa plus five and the under forty six utah minus seven. I have the notre dame toledo over fifty four and a half also notre dame sixteen and a half miles sixteen and a half. I know that's probably a letdown spot. But i also think toledo a little bit of a fraudulent win last week. Usc seventeen nc state minus two. And a half i'm by. I'm eating the cheese there. Kentucky missouri over fifty six wisconsin minus twenty five and a half. I don't think he's michigan. We'll get a pass half field. Coastal carolina minus twenty five. And a half. I love that pick. I love that pick if anyone tries to steal that pick for me..

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