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The the the room the oldest existing those feels like park. Yes. Or small by Ron to say the Frank Sinatra design. That design. Springs home. I like it give me as I am. So that Linda's helicopter centerfield doesn't it feel like it's it feels like a rat pack, you know, headed it's very how about this the best ballparks of they're designed to be of their environment. Camden, Yards is very Baltimore. Sure. Petco park is very sandiego in like all the parks. Patty is very she got a packbell or what is it? Call it AT and T so I will say this. I was super disappointed. The last time we went to Wrigley at what's gone up around at leisure. The you know. Heartless soulless apartment buildings that have gone up around rig leader that was going to happen once they what happens when so. So there is a there's a sociologist I'm sorry. There's a social anthropologist in in an economist who works at. I can't remember about university. He's but the Red Sox uses papers a lot of talk about how ballparks are good urban vitalize IRS. Yeah. And so that that thing has become a monster become the plant from little shop of horrors exactly where like where? Now, it's too much. We're now Fenway park. When I was a kid you could walk around there night. Now, it was scary to while. To the same of Chicago. Right Wrigley villas, you know, around bars their bars right around, but then as you sort of stepped away from what was right field like the right meal outfield in the line. There was nothing. And there was it was me ask you something. We're you when you work for these organisations because you're you're comic. And I'm sure you were like wanting to do comedy or probably doing comedy at the time. Were you funny around these people try funny around like those like don't do Tommy the sorta always Comey Rickles, what that was my nickname. They would call me re rag dolls rentals would he really do that. He would really do just fart around everybody. My right. Just like, literally shit your pants. Is remarkably lucid are you? I'd say Charlie than. Choice games. Steve lyons. Tommy, Tommy Tommy's, all they're just tells you the same five stories about Sinatra. They're amazing stories, but they all take place at Dan Tana's, which if you haven't eaten there, you have to it was Lasorda is always was to me. So like we were cardinals fans growing up in Saint Louis. But I remember, you know, we were young because we're about eighteen years older than you. We were kids when the dodgers and seventy play the Yankees and the dodgers Eighty-one play the, you know. So like we were there as these guy these these teams slugged it out, and if felt like Lasorda was the one tough guy in LA who could stand up to the Yankees here. My question for you guys. Is there anyone who's been associated more with franchise for longer? Still like, he's Mr. dodger. She still missing Don. Earl Weaver lived long enough. He would have been the Orioles no manager is associated with the team not anymore. Played for the dodgers. Any any pitch for the dodgers inky did in the minor leagues? Maybe I'm thinking of like a Casey Stangl type. But I think Tommy had a had arranged. Brooklyn Dodgers some. So I watched the World Series game. A couple of games with our friend..

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