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Also sent a seventh round pick to the bucs in return for a fourth rounder the deal is pending a physical now your exclusive W. C. B. M. weather channel forecasts step outside today and you can tell the cold front has cleared out here some cooler drier air moved on in a sunny breezy day and kind of chilly for late April fifty eight that's our high overnight we're dry low forties tomorrow starts out cloudy in the morning the afternoon here comes the rain sixty four the high tomorrow and Friday is cloudy with showers sixty two I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS a constellation dock in Baltimore forty seven forty nine at city dock in Annapolis reporting an eleven oh six I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news viral information a phased and delivered for opening up American again it's a Connie back on track this story is changing by the hour in the world twenty two million three four five times a day the firm in the information live reports and breaking news as it happens to be open and that's what we do is we spread the word this is talk radio six eighty WCBS you want a retirement income that's taxed or tax free call Rob Roy for solutions at four ten two six six eleven twenty welcome to the country feels fine talk radio six eighty W. C. V. M. holy cow is our three already time is just flying by we'll get to your phone calls in a moment for one of the B. C. B. M. sixty eighty one hundred W. CBM six eighty but I just saw there's a new video out of an interview with credit ton Berg yes everybody cares deeply about what what it what is the seventeen year old spoiled kids have the same she says that we need to.

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