President Trump, State Department, CIA discussed on WBZ Morning News


Police were called around seven thirty last night. By the driver of the train who told them to pedestrians have been struck. This is acting Wareham police chief John wall sang two people were struck by a train on. Over here near minded avenue on it appears was accidental coming suspicious both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. No one on the train was injured. There were three hundred and fifty five passengers on board that train at the time including two hundred children those children were not informed about the incident. But instead they were told the train had run out of natural gas and had to come to a stop the identities of the victims have not yet been released. The State Department says the Trump administration has not yet reached a final conclusion about who exactly is behind the murder of Saudi journalist Jamaica Shoghi in a statement, a spokeswoman says there are still numerous unanswered questions about the murder. He died on October second. She added. The State Department will continue to seek all relevant facts. Her comments come after a CIA assessment which asserted high confidence that a killing of kashogi was ordered by the Saudi Crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. President Trump was briefed by CIA director Gina hospital as well. As secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, Trump says you'll now reassess the situation. And now to Portland Oregon six people are now in jail after another face off between patriot prior supporters antifascists activists. It was a busy afternoon filled with protests tense moments and widespread chaos. The arrests and charges were announced by Portland police at the end of about six hours of rallies, chance skirmishes and mayhem over issues related to sexual assault. Allegations coin TV's, Jennifer Dowling has more details. The fireworks started. After those supporting the him to movement moved out of Terry. Shrunk plaza entangled with counter protesters. Every single before the two groups collided. Haley atoms kicked off the him to rally along with members of patriot prayer. I started the hint. Because I'm not going to give a voice..

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