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Connector, the Tobin airport tunnels, all looking good as well as Mass. By so far so good coming in from Framingham, Laurie gradually busies traffic on the three and now the WBC four day AccuWeather forecast is we go live to WBC. AC you weather meteorologist in DeVore. I do think it's going to get busy because I don't think we're realizing the bulk of the precipitation and not to see that we're gonna see a lot today, but it looks like out west of the city. It's starting to fill in a little bit more. And then it's also filling in on the South Shore south coast in the cave. It's going to be different precipitation types wherever you are. South Coast in the cave, primarily rain because they're in the mid upper thirties Low forties out on the Cape it this hour. Boston proper 32 so north and west snow and sleet and some rain and icy conditions. His temperatures are Just around 30 32 again. I think then as we get the afternoon things linger on the South Shore in the cape into this evening could be still precipitating with some mix of rain, sleet and maybe a little snow. Temperatures end up down to around 32 Still some icy spots around tonight, back up to 36 tomorrow And then Jim, the rest of the week drying seasonably cold Upper thirties to near 40. The sun will try toe make more of appearances. We get mid the late week. Thank you with meteorologist into four wbz Boston's news radio. All right, thank you there, Gene. And right now we are at 32 degrees here in Boston. We have partly cloudy skies. Right now. The precipitation is certainly not there yet for the city like teen mentioned not Boston proper right now, but plenty of precipitation surrounding us in the former rain and snow and eventually it is coming our way. 32 degrees now at 5 26 on WBZ news radio going to check on New England business. New Year new You hand a new paycheck minimum wage workers through most of New England starting the New year with a new hourly rate of pay the Massachusetts minimum wage workers now make 13 50 an hour. It's an increase of 5.8%.

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