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I do these videos. Each pointing the street dot com with research director jeff marks and we talked about nucor my instincts my instinct said world. Hold it it's back to one seven. We got back even with the trust. Yes but then we talked about it. And i realized that was a huge mistake. That was total. Lisi thinking the only reason i wanted to lighten up on new court one seven because it was where the trust initially bought it. I swear that's exactly what i would have done. Had an. I talked it through with jeff. I'd just been in my mind. Power of lazy thinking buzek invest scheme of things with a stock trading nearly six times earnings and an infrastructure bill. Looking like it's going to be a sure thing. There's absolutely no good reason to help new cornell. I didn't have a fundamental reason. I remember technical reason. I just saw got back to even my gut reaction was to breath. Side we've ring that register but simply matter though what does it do with whether or not nuclear worth voting. What would be the point of that sale before you pull the trigger. You gotta ask yourself. Why the heck am i really doing this with nucor. I don't really care if the stock pulls back there's a trillion dollar infrastructure package. One the way that should ignites steel sales for not days not much but years to come. And that's what matters not where the stock is relative to your i trade. I bring this up because anybody can fall. Prey to lazy. thinking has the best of us. it's human nature to make poorly thought out emotionally driven decisions. This kind of thing is everywhere here. This morning i was several people. I leave honestly respective about. What were they talking. How the fed is dead wrong to keep rates so low after friday's fabulous import. That you heard that if you watch your network where you anything you popular hip. Toss roy half dozen times when one person is pointing said. The fed was apps. Obviously room another criticized. Jay pal for being oblivious to one of the largest job gains ever. Couldn't disagree more with them. But the chatter chatter begins to worry me. I mean i've been out friday. I figured the market would get crushed because the economy was too hot. Meaning the fed would have to tighten sooner than later but these jeremiah is against easy. Money were so effective. I looked at the biggest winners to find games registering. And i settled on. Sell some kosco. Yeah big gain sell at one if rates are headed higher because the economy hot. This relatively expensive retail. Tom could have to go lore again. That too is the power of lazy thinking. I who the heck were these commentators to make me to anything. They've been dead wrong for ages dead wrong about the fed. I think jay pals doing fine job. Under extraordinary circuses. We're wacky with. The state of florida is trying to keep the region cruise lines holds from sailing because the company wanted to.

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