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Of time where dez bryant was available and people were suggesting that you go to the giants and brandon marshall said no room here and then there was room that's when they when they cut brandon marshall and some thought well they're paving away for dez bryant but even though dez bryant ideally would like to play in the nfc no one has shown any interest in him marshall gets to go to seattle we talked yesterday about how the team is building itself around russell wilson this gives russell wilson another weapon to throw to and who knows brandon marshall may still have plenty of gas in the tank he suffered a season ending injury last year on the day that odell beckham junior went down for the year so we didn't get to see much of him in two thousand seventeen with the giants he's been around a lot since two thousand six he was a draft pick of the broncos and then he was traded to and i know i'm going to get the order wrong like he was traded to the dolphins he was traded to the bears the bears then the dolphins and then he signed with the jets and then i'm shirley missing so i feel like i'm missing somebody i think the brandon marshall at this point in his career it's easier to list the teams he hasn't played for but he did the tour in new york and i haven't seen any discussion about this stats he's been one of the panels on inside the nfl for the last few years know that was one of the criticisms when he was in chicago that on your day off your flying to new york and doing the show and flying back you could be doing injury treatment just be resting yourself it's a day off get away from everything and just relax in new york it was easy to do the show because you're right there i don't think he's going to be taken a red eye from seattle to new york to do inside the nfl so that apparently is off the table unless they're going to just bring him in by god forbid that somebody actually contribute to.

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