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Time of New Jersey's first news, 5 30 dying Mork open cases in our schools Union County 23 positive cases in one school, But school officials won't say which one. There are a dozen cases among students and staff at Clearview Regional in Mollica Hill. Teachers. Unions demanding classrooms be closed. Red Bank regional high all remote learning after school officials say a significant number of students have tested positive. New York City has closed down all of its schools. Another day. Another closure of the NBC due to an employee testing positive This time it is the delink a licensing center. The Rana meet NBC office due to reopen this morning, Trenton and Eatontown due to open tomorrow. Rahway, Bayonne, Wallington, Lakewood, Flemington. Remain closed. Treasury officials broke out the credit card and in a big way Wednesday, approving nearly 4.3 billion in borrowing to balance the state budget. Despite a recent credit downgrade, the state will pay less than 2% interest for the 12 year term on that Amanda Dell Benny of Raymond James and Associates says there's been strong investor demand for municipal bonds in New Jersey, as evidenced by the state's cove in 19 emergency borrowing received investor demand. We're hearing for 38 billion. The demand was incredible, Bandy says. One key is that the debt was a relatively rare general obligation bonds rather than less secure debt that's subject to yearly appropriations. So this is sort of what we would call a music. The MPs in terms of the fact that you were able to get Geo Dad, it's rated one notch above what they're subject to appropriations that is at the State House. Michael Simon's New Jersey 11.5 News comedy jersey's first news, 5 41. Nabisco is warning their plant in fair lawn is likely to close. It has been open since 1958, but a company spokesman says it is outdated. The smell of freshly baked cookies often walks over the community inside. They make Oreos chips Ahoy and Ritz crackers, the spokesman told NJ dot com. No final decisions made yet if the plant does close, it would come before mid next year. Jersey one a 1.5 news time. 5 42 very cold weather this morning, but we are gonna warm up into the weekend. Dan has an extended look, and then we'll recap our top stories next..

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