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Reporter Ron retaliates eleven AM eastern is the time now set for remarks from president trump to address the nation following the Iranian response to the U. S. killing of general Qasim solo money Iran fired a series of ballistic missiles at Iraqi military bases housing American troops there were no casualties Iran's foreign ministers of odds a reef says angry Iranians marching in the streets should provide the U. S. with a message to change its policy toward Iran a sea of humanity has to bring to the United States to its senses that if it wants to deal with this people it has to deal with these people based on respect not based on threat and not based on sanctions president trump and his top advisers are being pressured by Congress to disclose more detail about the U. S. intelligence gathered in the region that has led to the recent tensions I'm John and once again the president will be speaking at ten o'clock Texas time and we will of course bring it to you live when it does happen the NATO secretary general is condemning Iran's missile strike against US forces in Iraq a NATO official said there were no casualties among the military alliances personnel in the country the Iraqi mission consists of several hundred staff from allied nations and non NATO countries in NATO leader in a message posted on Twitter urged Iran to refrain from further violence he also said allies remain committed to the training mission in Iraq Hey ally of news time is now eight thirty one Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he has the votes he needs to set the rules for the Senate impeachment trial in the Kenyan has the latest senator McConnell says he doesn't need any democratic votes to follow the plan he previously cited which would include obviously the arguments for the prosecution arguments from the defense and then period of written questions then says McConnell there will be a vote on whether to allow witness testimony or additional documents obviously that is the most contentious part of one of these proceedings house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer wanted assurances before the start of the trial that witnesses would be allowed to testify Linda Kenyan Washington Republican house members John Ratcliffe and Jim Jordan are being considered for roles on president Donald trump's defense team for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial according to a person familiar with the discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal conversations final decision is not been made mode of both are known for their advocacy of the president on Capitol Hill and on television and we're aggressive questioners of witnesses in the house impeachment proceedings the defense team already includes White House counsel Pat chip chip baloney trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow is also expected to have a significant role to Connery calling ten million more front airbag inflators soul to fourteen different auto makers because they can explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel recall the latest one the bankrupt company agreed to in a twenty fifteen settlement before our safety regulators could bring close to a close the largest series of recalls in US history vehicles made by Audi BMW Honda Daimler vans fiat Chrysler's whole bunch of others I mean you really need to go online to get all the names are affected people in Puerto Rico are still shaking after a powerful earthquake in several more strong aftershocks Layla Santiago reports people are feeling a lot of despair from the recent natural disasters on the island the extensive damage from all these earthquakes calm as Porter Rico is still struggling to rebuild from hurricane Maria more than two years ago many residents feared now they will not be able to recover a six point four magnitude earthquake that killed one person importer Rico on Tuesday is one of hundreds of tremors that have rattled the island for more than a week and experts say the shaking is not over yet Texas governor Greg Abbott says liberal leaders in the capital city of Austin are enabling a sense of lawlessness after police say a homeless man was responsible for violent series of attacks last week in a shopping plaza the kitchen worker wished fatally stabbed in the Friday attacks along a busy downtown Avenue just south of the Texas capitol Avenue spent months feuding with Austin over a new city policy that relax public camping rules and made homelessness more visible economy still strong U. S. companies added two hundred two thousand jobs in December led by row bus tiring and construction trade transportation and utilities payroll processor ADP says the bulk of the hiring was among smaller and mid size businesses with fewer than five hundred employees hiring in November was also revised upward to one hundred twenty four thousand a sign that the job market was stronger than past surveys initially suggested coming up on K. L. I. F. fifteen will have the latest from the Consumer Electronics Show with our Jim Rupert first traffic on the five thirty thirty five years bill Jackson it's sponsored by liberty mutual insurance for you only pay for what you need in Richardson seventy five south Bundy Gallatin parkway an accident.

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