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This was an idea my head for for over two years before this. I was a freshman in college and my my best friend called jessica who started making lemonade fun as well. He added up a show coach. One hundred twenty cents actually chained to the transgenders podcast at sixteen years old. He was having on mark. Cuban jack dorsey adam. Schefter these huge guests and the reason he happened was because he was relentless in the same thing. I'm doing now and cold. Emailing and the people jack dorsey the store with him was he went on jack. Dorsey twitter live in two thousand sixteen and spammed him. Saying i'm six podcasts. A thousand times. John dorsey twitter's saying look. How do we set this up. My friend jesse took a flight with his with his mother because he was sixteen at the time from new york to statal washington to meet with jack dorsey so he would always tell me about the and the i'm saying talking about my friend so much because he always tell me stories freshman year and say do you gotta start shell. You're you're you're gonna jennifer enthusiastic. You're passionate this. And i was always hesitant because it scary right. What are people going gonna think about. My show is going to. I'm not going to get jack dorsey on the first day. So my shows not going to be as you know it's gonna it's not gonna be as good right. Those are always things that in my head and it prevented me from starting for over a year and a half. The pinnacle of it was we went to go. See the bucks. Play the nets through the through some of the things that it was like academy which another basketball initiative. But we're seeing understands all the players coming and all the kids and the parents are going crazy over christmas dana brook lopez and all of a sudden comes out and i made a comment to my friend. Jesse say wow. Wouldn't it be cool. If i went up to him and said hey coach coach putin jose. I'm a eighteen year old high school basketball coach. I love this. Play out of the time out in the second quarter you know. Maybe i showed him some of my work and he offered me a job right. Wouldn't that be cool. If if i looked at me and said or you can ask to come on your podcast and i was like wow. It's really that that makes so much it's not like it's not just show it's a it's a. It's an elegant tool. It's it's basically a walking resume or walking business. Call yourself to say. Hey look i..

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