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The black student orientation is slated for august eighteen th the day prior to the universities new student or orientation where did where's the burden fall folk were the burden fall to two to help the racial divide the message here is we don't want you white people around is that healing is is that the the way we want to reach out and fix things the new director of multicultural student affairs at north carolina state university recently pledged to create a segregated housing option for women of color only swore hired by nc state less than a month ago shared her plan to create the housing option for female minority students i want to put uh have a dorm dedicated only two minorities females well again i don't want to i don't want to divide i don't want to put people in separate baskets a here here's my question if somebody walked into a university in this country and said we want to have a whites only dorm what what the response be i know the history of the country is not about white people being oppressed but that's the food selfie that's what we're looking at here every body heal and get along together no matter what your skin color is but that can happen if there are certain people who wanna say we've got to have our reparations you gotta make it up to us what happened in 1865 and in 1960 and we even 2016 in seventeen you gotta make it up to us as all white supremacy thing i get it on white i i can't relate to two for racism never been racially stereotype till now don't feel so good does it's got i mean i've that's the kind of response you're going to get our is is that going to help is that is that keep harking back to you what your mom told you to wrongs maker right a judge everybody on how they treat each other today coming back more on the stage show stand aligned with you when we continue on.

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