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Of the business out of the way talk to Palafox I'm Brian main John back now Scotia we are going to Matthew and talk about this great trip tiger yeah definitely because we have a lot of good information right going to distribute today during the show great detailed out with those that's Russians exactly so if you have questions or you have any concerns or you just want to know more about some of the details you know write it on Facebook call in and we'll get those answered for you now but right now introduce the man Matthew Bramley with that earth bound expeditions it leading tours all across Europe Africa what you mentioned how he specializes in music to ours yeah but he is quickly becoming a specialist in gardening two or three years yeah yeah yeah in so lots of fun stuff in a man that puts together to were from experience as well which is also kinda nice so Matthew good morning good morning good morning to you all how are you great great tastic it's super excited my friends I gotta ask where you're joining us from today are you are you home at the moment are you traveling on Mar each level need on Bainbridge island I can has all but of course no I'm actually sitting overlooking the ferry terminal on Bainbridge island off the coast of Seattle in the middle of the Puget Sound night my first question to you may have to use how many mileage points do you have you know I have over I think I can look at it the other day over five million miles points on hold she goes no click where you could go to the moon on those points yeah I think what we should do is offer a special today if you sign up for the trip Matthew will give you some of his smiling John John the great marketing man the well if they were hearing about the heat in San Diego on in London Paris had been listening to you this morning and it is a cool like fifty eight or sixty two this morning kind of a coastal fog is is rolling and and yeah I mean it's a it's a typical northwest day here wow well it sounds wonderful it sounds like it would be a nice place to be for us right now but a little way the Matthew let's let's chat about our trip yeah we're joined tiger listeners just a a brief description of what you what you are thinking for the trip because there's things that people can read on the website earth bound eggs expeditions website about the details the itinerary what are some of the things that you're excited about for our trip well I'm really excited about this trip because first of all it kicks off in Slovenia and many people don't even know where Slovenia you know where that would be or the computer with Slovakia and Slovenia is a part of the old Yugoslavia so it was tied in with Croatia and and Bosnia and Serbia in you know was part of that whole Montenegro mix it with like an old Habsburg hunting ground in the Alps and it was also tied up with Dennis in Trieste it's a tiny little country just north of Venice and it has the most beautiful countryside one of them being the Julian Alps and you know that was named after Julius Caesar out of all people and we're going up and Julian Alps to our visit the international wild flower festival so that's the reason why we're starting in Slovenia but also because like what is absolutely gorgeous in a dry course work very loosely on which is the capital going to lake bled spending a day there on the lake up against the Alps and then for a full day were heading into the mountains to you are you think you know the beautiful countryside and be a part of the international wild flower festival and that's that's our cornerstone for Slovenia so I and I and by the way I think it is John who came up with this idea and a visiting international wild flower festival so thanks for that John yeah it should be a lot of fun and you know I I was just wondering because we have listeners of all ages that go on our tours with us but when you're talking about tracking in the Alps is going to be a difficult who are for older people or do you think anyone can still still join us morning and everyone can still join in we're gonna drag you right up to the meadow where you view where you're going to be the most spectacular flowers so this is this carpet this amazing kind of carbon horizon of flowers in bloom all colors and it's been a festival for many many years and the Slovenes come up on the weekends with our picnics it's really kind of a laid back kick back sort of festival but for those who do want to get their heart pounding and go on a little high or a good morning walk will be plenty of opportunities to do that as well but if you're not a hiker not what you know and it's a big Walker you cannot you can still do this now you know I just pretended I was asking for our listeners but really I was concerned definitely not all right yeah they are or you know even and unlike the lad and if if your home right now take a look you know punching like lad in your control my gosh and look at the photos I mean this place is just amazing and it's not very big alpine lake in the middle and houses little island of the monastery and you have to roll these kind of traditional boat so what we're gonna do is run a higher these boats and these young B. P. Slovene man Argonaut you know we're always in house this little island and we're gonna spend some time out there ready do a little walk in the gorge interest charming little place I mean you really feel like you're in Austria or southern austere when you're in Slovenia they're very mountain people they drink a lot of beer they have a kind of like Austin Texas on you know so it's it's it's kind of a mix between Italy and Austria Hey Matthew let's go back to those five BC men for sex yeah that's that's they don't break the fire and then from there wait you know there's a lot of people that love flowers but it's tied in with also as you said tiger music and then you know a lot of people love horses I do their church magnificent animal so as we drive north it's about a five hour drive from like lead up to the capital of Austria you know Vienna and in route we're gonna be going over the house and they were gonna drop down into the valley of southern Austria and this is becoming wine country big time one country but also with the home of the liquor Xander forces and so we're going to visit the stud farms the stud farm where the letters and our horses come from and then do a wine tasting in southern Austria so a you know if you love horses you love wine this is gonna be a great day just that we're gonna be doing wine tasting in Austria that is yeah it's still should be enticing yeah yeah in you know you have super ones are coming out of Austria and they've been producing one since the time of the Roman so they know a little bit about warning so that that can be a big surprise and I'm just curious have either one of you gentlemen dense to Vienna before my I have no I have not John have you know all right none of us it's really strange that I've been a little bling on I never to Vienna wow so this will be a first for all of us to Matthew and I would imagine a lot of our people that are going to go with us right and you know what's really a bit interesting and wonderful about Vienna is that you know is the capital of a pretty small country now but the capitol is you know on steroids because of its past and this was the capital of the Hapsburg empire in the house over everywhere from your all that so we're gonna take a break don't really interested but that we're gonna be talking about that when we return stay with us and again questions comments about the strip now is the best.

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