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Have you seen that I've had access tool, but I've chosen to say, do you have your own copy of his can be sourced, and Jonathan David Lynch said do not watch it place. I don't want it to be out here. What's the people of Saint it, which is embarrassing? This is Lynch talking. But because they're bad quality types to I don't want to think about it is what he says. Yeah. Yeah. I don't need to Saint this. This does it for me. Just fine. This is the film. Exactly. Yeah. So you have this. Curiosity about your Andy. The script of it is pretty much. Exactly the first three quarters of the film. Okay. Without the Doug facie, Saint other things. I'm gonna say the Dokpesi seen. No, it's wrong in by stat. Anyone can dog face. He's interesting on David Lindsay. The script was later rewritten and expanded when Lynch decide the transform it into a feature film, the scrubbing the transition from an open ended Paul to a feature film with a resolution of sorts. Lynch said one night, I sat down the ideas came in. And it was a most beautiful experience. Everything was seen from a different angle. Now, looking back at the film always wanted to this way. He just took this strange beginning to cause it to be what it is. The result was an extra eighteen pages of material that included the romantic relationship between Ray Teheran, Betty and the events of the carried off of the blue box was opened. What's was relieved? But the pilot was dropped by say, she found Betty to one dimensional with at the Dhaka potion of the film that was put together afterward. Most of the new scenes were filmed in October two thousand funded with seven million from French production company. Studiocanal I think a lot of people misunderstanding don't like the last half now which I did. Like a couple of times I saw. But then when I started reading deeper into it is actually this is where the true genius is. Maybe that's where I'm not yet. Yes. Well, yeah. Referring to when the dock store after the books. Zyppah to the camera dive in and then we get a totally different replaying of ole miss all the characters who spoken. Suddenly Ray contextualized given reality almost of of Betty, oh, Diane's the waking up. You might even call it off. Yeah. The reality every time that I say this film. I'm always surprised that that that's not the point of the same actually. Yeah. I was like, oh he in front of the hour. And it's actually quite a short. Yes. Just minutes. Maybe thirty five minutes. Yeah. The really crazy stuff. But the way you talk about it all the way, even remember it. It's like half off. Yeah. This guys. I mean, what stated that she tried to bluff Lynch pretending she had the feed that and that he's a lighted in the costs frustration. That's a good thing. He's laughing. None of them have any more idea than we do do. They know. No, nobody that I've ever met from comic author who read all the script of season three twin peaks about from him. Nobody was ever. Allowed to be on the same page. I spoke to settle in the producers, she is across everything, and she has answers to everything pretty much the plus everybody who actually meant to sign a nondisclosure gaming, the goes for years off to the productions finishing case revisited or entice that wanted to arise even if I do know that you have to pretend that. Yeah. Jeans. Fascinating stuff. Ain't you the cinematographer the paces Paige Deming? Yeah. Yes. I would have you got for us on him on a great career. He's had Don he was one of these first films able to which I mean, I could start your career by Connick cult film Austin palace. The Austin powers series drop dead. Fred, there's another one. The scream films two three and four of scream films. Shut twin peak season three is what with Lynch since. Mojo drive a belief that was the first film together. Yeah. Yes. That's right. Yeah. He's if he followed him on Instagram, he gets pretty salty. Sometimes he's got a lot of bad things to say about what he says three the the pace of production Scifo said he couldn't do what he wants to do and say he's made a snide remarks about the fact that you know, he wasn't allowed to probably set up the lights that he wanted to get the shot that he wanted to Lynch was just like one take this great moving on. He's like bought like the. Yeah. But in this case in one hundred he got what he wanted to every time. I think it's fantastic. I really love the the outdoor light is never harsh like if you actually should outside in LA can be quite brutal. Sometimes hardly. But here it's quite soft list that scene where around the Spanish apartments, very like magic Allison of Wilma, Terrence Malick sort of. This is set and I looked at comes through when Deming takes he's films Lynch's films. They just steadily. They seem to have a similar look to them. I'm sure that a lot of Lynch he controls everything. But yeah, I just love the look of the films and from that just beautiful looking films and just the the shot on film. Really? You know, the shadow is in the the black pulls a black everywhere. Just that really it lifts his films into a different kind of stratosphere and Olmo tragic when he then went to, you know, digital video nineties handy Cam for free land, pirate and always projects. I just kind of these films in particular, he's beautiful films. Okay. In regards to the cast. He guys we've got three main characters like an absolute, but lead supporting characters in this film. So yeah, we've got Betty Elms. Dash Diane Selwyn played by Australia's own army. What's it's right. A few strains. All of this. We'll get into a fear then girl on a date with Tom Cruise was.

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