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That's the end of another episode of Bullseye. Bullseye is produced at maximum fund. Dot Org World Headquarters quarters overlooking MacArthur Park Beautiful Los Angeles California Where we want to take this holiday opportunity to thank everybody who has has made life for people who live in and around Macarthur Park better folks like that L. A. Regional Food Bank the Dream Center? Who are out here giving out food every week? Lamp our friends at Art Division around the corner all the folks at Charles White Elementary School. All everybody out there who's Taking care of our friends and neighbors this holiday they season and all year long. The show is produced. By speaking into microphones. Our producer Kevin Ferguson. Hey Soussan Broszio is our associate producer. We get help from Casey O'Brien Ryan our production fellows Jordan cowling and Melissa. Dina's are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by go team. Our thanks to them in the label Memphis Industries and one last thing there are many many many interviews in our archive at maximum fund dot awards including conversations about the holidays. Were folks like Rob Halford of Judas priest Andy Richter from the CONAN. Show Jane Lynch the POLYPHONIC polyphonic spree. Many more we're also on facebook twitter and Youtube just search for Bulls Iowa Jesse Thorn can keep up with the show. I think that's about it. Happy Happy Holidays and remember all have a signature sign off Bullseye. With Jesse Thorn is a production of maximum fund dot Org and is distributed repeated by N._p._R..

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