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Me, I want you to stand up to these laughing gas chicks, these nobody's these academics, these communists who are all start up by the most dangerous man in American political history. Bernie Sanders who is a reincarnation of Karl Marx. Bernie Sanders is the pied piper. The worst man in American political history because he looks like a kindly old grandfather. But he might usher in. A genocide in this nation if he is not stopped. For him to unleash a chick. Like this case, your Cortez, the occasional cortex who two days into is becoming the lead spokesman for the radical democrat leftist party that the Democrats have always been or have recently become and she sounds just like a child who has come from dentists to have her braces adjusted and he gave her too much laughing gas. But what she's saying is laughing matter what she's saying is quite offensive racism is always offensive and by throwing around the phrase white supremacist. I would hope that the big mass of white people in the midwest come to understand what they are facing. Let me explain how communism works. If you've heard it one hundred different times, I'll give you a different iterations of it. Why do you think after the communists takeover a nation that one of the first things they do is take down the statues of the heroes of that nation? Why? So they can replace them with the heroes of communism. And so that's what's been going on. Now. Those are the shock troops. Pulling down the Robert E Lee statues making believe he was a racist. When these are the ignorant masses that pulled down his statues in the south. I spent a whole chapter on it and stop mass hysteria. Robert E Lee was a distinguished military man and ABRAHAM LINCOLN asked him to lead the union army. He was such a great military man that Lincoln asked Robert E Lee to head up the union army. But Robert E Lee turn them down. He said, sir. I am loyal to my state, which is the state of agenda, and as a result he led the confederate army, but he led the confederate army not because he hated black people because he loved Virginia. He was a patriot to his state in those days states had greater I- density and a greater meaning to people and yet now we have an entire generation of ignorant fools on educated fools of come out of colleges. So brainwashed that they think ripping down a statue of Robert E Lee is a justifiable act. That's one example, they pulled down any edifice that they can the represents the culture at large in order to replace them with their own cultural icons, who are usually radical leftists whoever they may be. And then they go after the dignity of the population. And they tell you that you're a bad person. If you're born white this is what they've been teaching your daughter at college. This is what the degenerate filth in the colleges have been putting into the heads of your beautiful children. You're beautiful young children your beautiful daughter. Yeah. Beautiful son goes to school than the generate psychotics have taken over the campuses and make your son and daughter embarrassed to have been born of a certain race. And they come home uncomfortable comfortable in their own skin in order to use them as cannon fodder in their March across the political landscape. And then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes an ignorant racist girl, who you can call any name you want, but she's very very vicious dangerous girl, and she starts throwing things around that is so offensive. It's hard to believe she gets away with it. But then again, look, let's get away with it. Rachel mad cow and the blooper the Vanderbilt inherit tour with those psychotic blue eyes. She says, it's anti-american defend the ice agency. She's telling. Us. This upstart pip squeak that we shouldn't have an immigration and control division in this country. Who the hell is she? The reasons gotten worse is because of the democrat party who feeds off them. Now, why would a democrat party want more or less a drugs? Well, if you've watched enough gangster movies you can answer. The question yourself. Do I have to fill in the blank for you? Go to them directly this front companies. All these liberal, nonprofits..

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