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Joan Hannity this is talk radio five sixty ks of oh, San Francisco Oakland San Jose a Cumulus station. Wriggle action is being taken against a former White House aide rather than cease and desist the Trump campaign still operating by organizing. Make America, great again rallies seeking, arbitration against Omarosa manigault Newman they claim she is in violation of a nondisclosure agreement with the campaign for releasing a recording of, a phone. Call among staffers purportedly seeking, ways to spend Mr. Trump's, alleged use of the n. word while filming the apprentice it's. The third secret recording she's released since. Launching a book tour national, radio and TV but the first of a supposed campaign, conversation the other two were firing inside the White House situation room and purportedly the next day in a phone call with the president Bob Costantini Washington closing Arguments begin tomorrow in the Bank and tax fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul. Manafort after the defense rested without calling any witnesses. Correspondent. Joe, Johns a lot of reasons why Manafort. Might have wanted to get on the stand but if he did get on the stand certainly he would have been subjected to a very harsh cross examination which might have not only hurt him in this trial but could. Potentially also hurt him in. The trial that is at least scheduled for September on related, but different charges new findings released today show. More than three hundred Catholic priests and Pennsylvania had been credibly accused of sexually abusing at least one thousand children Pennsylvania attorney general, Joshua Shapiro, I'm here Fine To announce the results of a two year grand jury investigation into widespread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic church and the systematic cover up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania And at the Vatican on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average rose one hundred twelve points I'm Ann Cates.

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