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Power to more than half a million of its customers with the vast majority of New Orleans expected to have power back tomorrow. Stephen Bashar ha from member station WGBH M reports hundreds of thousands along the Gulf Coast, though good without power for much of the month. Most people in New Orleans have their lights back on, but some neighborhoods like Venetian Isles will have to wait longer because of how badly they were damaged. Crews are having to used cranes to lift down polls over homes along the Gulf Coast damages. And worse, Some people may have to wait until October to get power restored about 30,000 power poles have been knocked out across the state, more than the number damaged by hurricanes. Delta, Zeta and Katrina combined Energy says customers should not expect the price are paying for electricity to go up. But months from now, Louisiana residents could see steeper power bills when regulators factor in the cost of restoring the grid. For NPR News. I'm Stephen Bass. Aha. The Taliban have formed an interim government in Afghanistan, as NPR's Jackie Northam explains. Among the senior leaders are battle hardened fighters who are core members of the organization. Afghanistan's interim government is made up of the Taliban's old guard. The new leader is Mullah Mohammad Hassan Kunde. He's considered a hardliner from Kandahar and is headed the Taliban's leadership Council for 20 years. Deputy prime minister is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads up the Taliban's political office and was widely expected to become leader. There was no mention about the group's spiritual leader. Nor was there any indication that the new Afghan government would be inclusive involving other political parties and players as the Taliban had hinted. And there was no mention of a woman holding a ministerial role. Jackie Northam. NPR NEWS ISLAMABAD Though some technical glitches appear to be causing problems, El Salvador says it is the first country to formally adopt crypto currency. Bitcoin is legal tender in its first few hours of adoption, even the country's president admitted problems with the initial rollout. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 269 points. This is NPR. This is W m I C in New York. I'm Sean Carlson, Several residents in Woodside, Queens, whose homes flooded last week during storm Ida now say they've gone sick from exposure to raw sewage. Three residents on the scene, Woodside Block started vomiting and having diarrhea, one of them of it. Mail was hospitalized yesterday after being diagnosed with norovirus and E. Coli to highly contagious diseases that can be waterborne. Sunday night was just a disaster where I was getting up every 15 minutes and couldn't hold down any fluids. A spokesperson for the city's Health Department says they haven't seen a citywide uptick in hospitalization for gastrointestinal issues. He said. They're monitoring the situation. The State Health Department recommends wearing rubber boots and gloves and an n 95 mask when cleaning out of flood damaged home. Officials at Rikers Island confirmed that another inmate has died in custody, marking or making it the ninth death at the jail this year. Commissioner Vincent Scrawled E says conditions are worse because uniform staff are not showing up to their shifts. Staff don't show up to work. Every aspect of our operations suffer. So do the employees who pick up the slack and the people in custody safety suffers. Guaraldi says he believes it's possible the staff are fading illness to get out of work. Department of Correction Stats show about 1416 Uniform personnel were out sick every day in August. That's more than double the number who took sick days in August of 2020. Corrections officer union did not return a request for comment. The country's largest LGBT Q rights organization, has fired its president for helping former New York governor Andrew Cuomo craft his public response to allegations of sexual harassment. Alphonso David had served as Cuomo's chief counsel from 2015 to 2019 when he became the first black man to run the human rights campaign. But the New York attorney general's report on the former governor found that David was one of several close allies who advise Cuomo on discrediting his accusers. Nonprofits board says that violated the conflict of interest policy in a Twitter posts. David denied wrongdoing and threatened legal action. For the rest of tonight. We should see clear skies love about 68, but we'll probably see more rain returned tomorrow in the afternoon high near 83 that rain will really pick up tomorrow night with the love about 69. It's w m I. C at 606. Support for NPR comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, supporting those working towards a day when no one has to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table and protecting their health and the health of others are. W j f dot org This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly in Washington and I'm Ailsa Chang in Los Angeles. You have heard a lot about booster shots lately. Are they needed when will they be approved and who will actually get them? But there are still tens of millions of people in this country who aren't even eligible for a first vaccine shot. We're talking about Children, 11 years old and younger, The vaccine still is not authorized for them. And Dr Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, told NPR last month that he doesn't see a vaccine for kids coming before the end of this year. That timeline has prompted organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics to urge the Food and Drug Administration to accelerate its authorization process. Lee Savio Beers is a pediatrician and the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She joins us now. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me here. Okay. So before we get to this letter that you wrote, which urged the FDA to speed up approval of the vaccine for Children, can you just explain very briefly for us? Why is this taking so long in the first place? So I think one of the most important things to emphasize here is that the FDA authorization and approval process really is in place to make sure that when vaccines or any therapeutics actually are available that they're safe and effective And what we know in vaccine development for Children is that we are appropriately more cautious. Typically, vaccine development will start with adults and then we do what's called Agen Das de escalation. Where will then work backwards to younger and younger Children and make sure that the vaccine and the doses that were giving are also safe and effective for younger Children? Because Children are not just like little adults? They there are real issues to figuring out how to vaccinate Children specifically. Yes, absolutely. Children are smaller. They have different physiology there at a different stage of their development, and we want to make sure that anything that we approved for them that's authorized for them is safe and effective. Well, then let's turn to the letter that you wrote. To the FDA in this letter, you say that quote in our view, the rise of the delta variant changes the risk benefit analysis for authorizing vaccines in Children. Can you explain what is that risk benefit analysis in general? So one of the things that we think about every vaccine. Every medication has a potential side effect. And so does the risk outweigh the important benefit that this particular therapeutic can bring. So, for example, we know that covid 19 can be an incredibly serious illness, so it's important. To make sure that that we protect against that now we also know that for younger Children, the risk of severe covid infection is less. And so what we have to do is way is the risk of the vaccine, um less than or greater than the risk of Covid infection. Two Children, and I think it's very clear to us that the risk of covid in Children Far outweighs any potential risk of the vaccine. And just to be clear in this letter that you wrote, you argue that the FDA will have very soon the data it will need to authorize the vaccine for Children, right? Can you just explain what is that data that the FDA will have quite soon? Our understanding from what we're hearing from the clinical trial sites and from the manufacturers is that their trials are are fully enrolled in that At least one of the manufacturers expects to have data available to submit to the FDA, Hopefully, by the end of September, perhaps early in October, and so what That means is that once that data is submitted, the FDA will have a chance to look at it to determine, um the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and consider the risk benefit for Children. Okay, but the FDA wants Six months of data. Why is that? Can you explain that discrepancy? And how important is that discrepancy?.

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