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Warren buffet is offering employee does something like this every year. He is offering employees of Berkshire Hathaway we've had worn on the show a couple of times. He's fantastic. I'll try to get them next week. He's offering them one million dollars a year for life if they can pick these Sweet Sixteen correctly. And so got me thinking, we should all try to get between now and Wednesday just some quick part time work at I'd lecture Hathaway's on this. Yes. That is. Well, we should all apply. Sweet sixteen. Yeah. Just this week. Six can only be one entry because I can turn out about fifty of those bad boys and get the Sweet Sixteen right? I'm reading straight off of Twitter from Forbes Warren buffet is offering his nearly four hundred thousand employees at Berkshire Hathaway companies a chance to win one million dollars a year for life. The catch you need to pick the correct Sweet Sixteen in the men's NCW basketball tournament Bill. So if I were to do this, I'm employee and I win right? Do I need to stay in -ployed by them. Or like, I just got a million dollars. I can retire. I am not certain. I haven't I'm just reading the headline having clicked on the article. One million life. I I would assume that you have an option to retire there. Right. I would assume that if you get the Sweet Sixteen right? You have the option to retire? I bet he could make your life, and like I can make you disappear. Someone actually did it. This is probably reckless but feel. Warren Buffett saying, I mean, if you wanted somebody disappear Warren Buffett can make someone disappeared we Warren Buffett who still lives in the same house who still eats like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Why do you have them eliminating people? I'm just saying. I mean, let's say yes, he can make you disappear too. And I would assume he's rooting for someone like in the sixties to win right sixty or seventy year old Martin for a win Bill. No. But I know, but if someone wins he doesn't want the up and comer twenty two year old just out of college. So when you think right? Can you put it on the poll can Warren Buffett make you disappear and also is Warren Buffett rooting for anyone to win both of those at lebatardshow on Twitter. You guys have I gave you five words here from Izzy family Cleveland Barkley Knicks marked for.

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