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And that's it's the case again today. So we're bringing you this encore episode that originally aired on December seventeenth featuring John Horn interview with Greta. Gerwig the writer director of little women and she has since received an academy award nomination for her adapted screenplay enjoy and thanks for listening from the Mon Broadcast Center at KPCC. This is the frame. I'm John Horn on. Today's show a photographer. Artfully documents. Personal belongings taken from detainees at the US Mexico border then writer director. Greta GERWIG explains how she made a version of little women that felt modern but also faithful to what so many readers loved about the eighteen sixties. Novel there's a long list of women for whom this book meant very acidic freedom and ambition and what I wanted to do was make a film that was in the tradition of why that inspired them all that coming up on the frame. KPCC's supporters include searchlight pictures presenting Joe Rabbit nominated for six academy me awards supporting actress Scarlett Johansson adapted screenplay by tyco. Itt Film Editing Production Design Costume Design and best picture of the year. Now playing being in theaters nationwide for more than a decade photographer. Thomas Keefer worked as a janitor at a border patrol station in southern Arizona. He'd often find personal belongings from border. Crossers that had been confiscated by agents and tossed in the trash Kiefer began taking photos of of the discarded items and now they're being exhibited his photography show currently at the screwball center in West. La Is titled El Sueno Americano. The Frame Contributor Marcos has our story too small chairs and two pairs of headphones are stationed in a corner. Kenner gallery slip on the headphones outcomes. gwen Stefani And even a little Marvin Gaye.

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