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So i was able to bring in kyle and matty kyle has more than one limb affected with lymphoma dima but are brought in. Kyle's right hand and i brought in maddie's left leg and every therapist who attended was able to bandage toes fingers hands foot ankle risks. I mean all the way up k so up to the up to the elbow because they were half models of a pediatric limb. A real pediatric limb. It looks feels shaped like a pediatric limb. And not just an adult hand and we're playing make belief so that was something that was really cool to me to see people. you know. Have questions to say that they've treated a kid. You know what if or how can they improve in their treatment approach for their little that come in to them. That was just really fun to be able to answer those questions. And i would not have been able to do it without my team. Because there's a lot of questions and the timeframe for the conference was short will mean what you get in there. That goes by so quickly. You hardly have time to really like set up with any education. You really don't have enough time to get into the details. it is just. Hey let's go let me show you this and we have to move on but my team were all volunteers from camp. This last summer. I had at least cantu. Who is the voice of the uncle. Pt podcast. She's a pt dpt clt. Lanna out of fort worth. Texas amber prolly out of houston texas. She works at texas children's hospital and she is also pt. Dp clt lleida and karen roach out of la. She is an ot sale t- and she came to camp this summer with no pediatric experience in neither did a lease so it was really cool that over camp. They fell in love with pediatric treatment. They fell in love with our mission to educate other therapists and they were able to do rounds in the room. Help with bandaging supplies help with technique and answer some questions because there were a lot of people in the courses that needed a little bit of help with application. And how do i do this with the hand or the finger roll and where to put the foam and all these other questions so is really really great to have them there alongside me. I feel like. I could've used two or three more people and i also could have used two or three more hours heck two or three days to really be able to dive into pediatric lymphoma treatment and the protocols that we can apply brittany williams. Was there. I obviously can't go anywhere without my sidekick and partner for life brittany williams. She's the founder and ceo. Brian's feet foundation and they're in the exhibit hall. we had a booth four pediatric lymphoma alliance. Which is launching next week i. It is a resource for bandaging kits for pediatric lymphoma. So if you treat kids if you have a kid with lump the dima no more buying adult kits and throwing out what you don't need or having to call and make special customized orders we have it I line and it is by lim age and severity and you can also do a one or a three-month supply. We're going to have other resources in. We're working to roll out a continuing education. Course that will be coming out in twenty twenty two. We'll have more details to follow and that was just some of my highlights from the ill in conference..

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