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People. Here tell us they have never seen anything like this. The fire tear. This crematorium have been burning all day and all night for the past few weeks. The acrid smoke hangs over the city. India's suffering an average of nearly four hundred thousand new cases each day over the past week makeshift clinics peering along the streets. Responsibility of saving lives falls on volunteers. Working around the clock in one hundred degree heat. Many hospitals are overflowing hospitals and ninety percent of patients now. And they're running out of everything in this wave have been more Patients because of the infectivity foxton doctors tell us in oxygen tanker that used to last three to four days is spent in just six hours and the patients that are seeing a much younger experts. Say vaccines are the key to ending this crisis like in india right now. They too are in short supply. New delhi could run out in just days. Apply for backfield every day apply but many are terrified to even leave their homes. This is quite as people say they've ever seen new delhi stores shutdown areas normally packed in vibrant now totally empty. One of the country's top medical association says tonight. It's time to expand the lockdown nationwide. And so let's get to maggie. Released joins us from new delhi. Tonight and mega wanna get back to that. Developing headline the world health organization. Tonight saying that the indian variant is now a variant of global concern. Yeah that's right. David w joe is now saying that it looks like this variant may spread more easily but current. Vaccines are effective against it in the us. Half a dozen states have reported several cases of this variant. I discovered here in india. Right now the cdc says it's variant of interest and they're keeping an eye on it but david here in india. We are already seeing the effects. You've been outside this hospital. Houston ambulance has come all day. All night they're just trying to stay ahead of this search david team in india tonight maggie. Thank you now to the other news this monday night and here in this country the major cyber attack will it affect gas prices airline fuel military fuel the attack targeting america's largest pipeline and tonight the. Fbi is now confirming a russian. Hacking ring is behind it but president buying is now saying that ring demanding ransom that pipeline applying nearly half of all fuel to the east coast the company tonight shutting it down while they investigate that pipeline. More than fifty five hundred miles from texas as you can see. They're all the way up to new jersey delivering about one hundred million gallons of fuel a day. And could this shutdown soon affect what you pay at the pump. Here's our chief. Justice correspondent. Pierre thomas tonight tonight. The nation in uncharted territory with a foreign hack which led to shutting down the east coast largest pipeline. For three days and counting. We are preparing for multiple possible. Contingencies and considering what additional steps may be useful to mitigate any potential disruptions to supply komo you'll pipeline which is responsible for forty five percent of the east coast feel says it may not be fully back on line until the end of the week which industry analysts say could potentially affect prices and supplies for millions of consumers at some point in twenty four to forty eight hours that motorists are starting to see an uptick in the amount of stations that do not have fuel. It affects anyone that needs to drive a car to and from work to and from school to and from a store to get groceries also potentially impacted diesel trucks that carry many of the nation's goods and jet fuel for the region's airports an fema document obtained by. Abc news raises the possibility that the hat could affect. Covid nineteen transport the fbi confirming today that a group of hackers based in russia known as dark side developed a so called ransomware used in the attack the goal to extort money. There's evidence that the actors ransomware is in russia. They have some responsibility to deal with this well. Us intelligence has yet to develop evidence to tie putin's kremlin to the attack. Some analysts emphasize. Tonight it's important not to rule anything out. Us intelligence has said that these kinds of criminal gangs in eastern europe and russia are tied to russian intelligence so investigators are going to want to look for the fingerprints of russian intelligence on this attack. So let's get right to pierre thomas tonight in this latest attack exposing once again just how vulnerable our infrastructure is to these cyber attacks in this country. We're still in the middle of another federal investigation that you've been reporting on here that russian government cyber attack a some of the nation's top companies federal agencies. They've been an inside their computers for months. Where does that stand tonight. David was nine months before the. Us government knew of that russian attack known as.

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