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Now here's your host Mark Phillips along with Special Guest Interviewer Mark Stinson welcome back to this session where we're talking with Sophia about her special project and now we just had Difficu- interview with Sophia and another colleague in Delhi redrew so but we wanted to continue I was fascinated DESA FIA by sort of the Organization the cause and the purpose of of your new firm to- teen yes are and the fact that you know sort of has a social basis but I wanted to understand more how it was organized than and how it's working for are you I know it's a couple of years in the making and so just give us a little update on the company the Organization and some of the things that you're doing thank you so much mark for us or you're entrusting project so right now the only France started working actually your chainmail because you know working in small company working also engaged and some simple that scene was about rents so far I will ask or your how ninety sites about market I games there is Dr Savage waste with the money's meaning that's all not a whole lot of worke needs you've been either small things this thing with knowledgeable I believe it's not their own and the Knox name loves inch way this Sunday meaning that its chancellor boot smoke things or exam whole catching a Japanese sport agencies printing teas old movies I call those onstage like very small day over humbling years the warming that I say that is wasted the scientists north as Mike is not phone while her we use for the credits take the idea to me was to rate something where people yet more citizen about slummy source yet of the day and this in a win win lunch knew that is able Howard course it's like my lifelong one I like here is to have a challenge round on say okay this week I'm willing to pay more to ensure of my business what I'm going to say say say for example I'm willing to do that all this museum said so maybe what walk as the uh-huh Yes yes of course Sarah Branch team have used and they have saved our lives just a whole knows merits Maltese and they'll savings what he is all her savings are for the team for many that sends can be used for the productivity vestments or for some needs of all of three hundred are to be given to nonprofit organization that people will be choosing is this case they have chosen nonprofit organization you want us to you so it's mets people will have never during those savings it is useful in a d unuseful Florida territory wear of the because it felt support life so yeah that that's what I found and of course I was trying to do my best to translate it to understand you know the operations of it but this idea that you know you would feel more ownership in the company savings but not just for the Prophet Sake but also for a social cause or nonprofit contribution that it it really served both both causes both needs yes because have you ever day companies and society are links so your company using to retiring where there is a lot news want serve you won't serve the business either and the sacrifices people working in company they are citizens let's see something you can find out who are who leads the viewers are there helping nonprofit percents then Shari's then how by her I mean for example Khalid and that had cancer and each turns out that purposes Russian help you process and you haven't heard of it how did the humanize make more human money in the company and the ladies who also see us our policy John and thinking about charging a whole use lawrence really about rated ooh balance I caught system retirees people citizens well we have been working market research you see the more more and more anxious about what they who seeing viewing serving more also be more waiting for being active living monkey you how it works how I'm I agree I wasn't so the whole project in that sense yes starting two years now on this year because I'm now I have a march of women that September I'm them work it's terrific and I think The reason I was intrigued by it and I think other people would would be interested is you're right this this concept of corporate social Johnson -bility is on so many people's minds and there are surveys both in the states and internationally about the people want to work with a company that has a higher purpose you know they're just not serving the shareholders but they're also serving the community but but it's very soft you know do what's the purpose of the company but you're helping to operationalize it by creating this platform that says if you do save some money but we can also then donate whether that's for clean water or for you know helping the homeless or or four you know training new workers in new technology something something that has a broader impact and so you've taken something from the concept and making a real you know like I said operational platform and that's what I found really intriguing and I hope you're getting some traction with it these kids aren't power about topics especially and walser allows small are your example well very lean so one it's very exciting and so telling her listeners where they can go to find more information about your company and maybe.

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